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Catamarca | missing teens found dead | chronicle

According to the Provincial Police, Orlando Quevedo, Paula Giménez CarrizoMonday was at least 15 years old "depth"difficult access".

Expressions at Radio Valle Viejo, Quevedo mentioned the area of ​​the body "dial"Racist was convicted of a police dog, so that decision was made to deepen the search.

"It is sadness and misfortune, we had hope to find life and we are optimistic, but it is a reality"he affirmed.

After the body recovery process, the autopsy will be subject to an operation to determine the causes of death accurately.

The goal is to delay the elderly cousin when the delay is anticipated, with a serious result connection.

Paula, who was born in Buenos Aires, left on Monday, at the age of 13, with her brother Samuel Federico Carrizo, 22 years old. As reported FM La Perla, the intention of teenagers to go up a hill to look for an internet signal.

His cousin, who went down the plain to take care of the animals, was postponed at the prosecutor's office at the fair. Soledad Rodríguez.

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