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CCK's power tensions caused Macri to postpone his speech in an investment forum – 11/29/2014

Kirchner Kultur Etxea began to cut the power of the midday Thursday afternoon Mauricio Macri I decided it delay your participation In a meeting on women's empowerment faced by women. For the harm, Macri combined his participation He gave a lecture at an investment forum This event was tied to the same place. Shortly thereafter, at noon, discussions were held at an investment forum organized by the World Bank at the Kirchner Cultural Center in the G20, An electric defect would have dropped them off and the meeting was over again.

For security, the decision of the organizers was to clean the room. All the members had to go down the stairs and meet in the big hall The building under the blue square of the magnificent architect Julio Le Parc.

Delay of lunch break And it was extended about 45 minutes, but stopped allowing the exchange of views on the funds invested in abundant infrastructure in the world.

Cut it again After 15 years, and from that moment, the officials had to speak without microphones. Carolina Stanley's Social Development Minister, for example, gave all his speech aloud, unthinkable in such events.

YPF President, Miguel Ángel Gutiérrez Without a doubt, it was the most attractive option of the company's oil company, Vaca Muerta.

Government spokesman for the G20 organization cut off They said they were alone in CCK and after using the lights, the activity progressed.

Edesur, the electricity company that supplied the service in that area, said it had damaged CCK inside, and it was not the company's overall cuts.

Formally, the summit begins on Tuesday 30, but the leaders of the G20 countries begin to reach the country. On Friday, at noon, Mauricio Macri, president of the French President Emmanuel Macron, took home at the Rosada home, one of the first to arrive in Argentina.

Macrik will hold 25 meetings at the summit leading Chinese leaders including Chinese Xi Jin PIn, American Donald Trump and Russian Vladimir Putin. In addition, Christine Lagarde, Director of the IMF, will hold a meeting.

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