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Certainly, the hiccups can be scared.

The oldest can remember the old cartoon characters, because they could not stop with hiccup, they tried a thousand strategies, but without success. He advised tries, laughter, water, and many doctors, but there was no case in it, so that pain always returned from that sound.

According to well-known knowledge, when something like this happens, the time for inquiries is not necessary: ​​it is enough that you do not intend to eliminate torture, to eliminate it. But what does science say?

"Hiccups are diaphragm spasms, the major respiratory muscles that are transmitted to the voicemails that produce typical noise," says Diego Golomb, biologist and researcher at Conicet.

As for the questions that may affect people who can impact these spasms, Golombek tells an old fable: "There is an old story of a soldier wishing to cure the hiccups of a colleague, to show his gun, he accidentally fired, not just hiccups and his life ended" He jokes, and asks whether he or she is a source of belief.

Try it out

However, he acknowledges that the causes of hypertension and non-treatment are clear and fears of activating a sympathetic (unconscious) nervous system and at the same time changing the "command" of the brain respiratory centers.

In most cases, the causes of hiccups are quite common: fast food, stomach estension, drinking a lot of soda, smoking, excessive alcohol consumption and anxiety, among other factors.

Over the years, beliefs about ending hiccups add creativity. It is recommended to breathe deeply and breathe more than 15 seconds, drink cold water, make ice cream and kiss a wall.

So fear can also be the answer. Golomb recommends "trying."

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