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CES 2019: Future kitchen is never something we will use, but there are some ideas that are interchangeable – 10/01/2014


Las Vegas Special envoy.

The first question about smart cooking is at the fair CES 2019 from: Was it necessary? While impressive, the main functions that appear as innovations in the kitchen are very expensive: pans, microphones to tell faucets open and open algorithms Burn the things that are baked. Algorithms in the kitchen? As if we could not realize it.

There are certain things that are recoverable. At least the recipes will be handicrafts and it will be easier than ever: it drives us step by step whirlpool intelligent oven although they do not have the camera to open in the oven and to check what is cooking.

You can also organize meals and start the meal with additional information. The Whirlpool Connected Hub is a Wall Oven oven augmented realityIt looks useful. Or, at least, in an innovative way.

Another interesting proposal is a business GosunHe developed a kitchen that works with solar energy: it is able to feed a family of five people with solar cooking technology and a solar electric heater system, with sunny or even rainy nights.

But the overall balance It's very bad

The general ideas of intelligent kitchens have long since reached the ceiling. Who needs a faucet to open voice command How hard is it to open the faucet?

This is presented Sensate Touchless Kitchen Faucet An idea that could not be so important, however, was a great name. As simple as this: a touch is given, yes, it touches it and opens it. They are not necessary.

But it's all what it's got GE electrical appliance center: In the kitchen there is a giant screen – dangerous, on one side – allowing "watching movies in the kitchen". We've all put our cell phone in the fridge or while doing something while doing something else, but this device goes a long way.

GE electrical appliance center

GE electrical appliance center

It's a screen It comes with a 27-inch drawerto go over the kitchen stove. That's why we said, dangerous. "When they built it with Google Assistant, they could ask for a hand," they explained. It has been presented as the latest CES prototype and is now on the market.

Of course: you can upload recipes photos when you're in the Kitchen Hub with the kitchen. Very useful

As if not enough, they also showed a kitchen prototype with a really big screen. In the kitchen they are functions that do not understand a type of cinema.

The kitchen connected with GHSP. (AP)

The kitchen connected with GHSP. (AP)

Samsung introduced its refrigerator, Family center, a big screen, family photos, finger typing, search for recipes and a Uber call. Should you call a Uber from the fridge?

Refrigerator at Samsung's presentation. (Reuters)

Refrigerator at Samsung's presentation. (Reuters)

As we have said, solar cookers and oven augmented reality Yes it seems interesting.

The mind in the kitchen may not be alternatives, or bluetooth It's something we have never baked in the oven.

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