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CES 2019: The best, worst and curious fair we've put on a roll-up TV and culinary machine – 11/01/2014

From Las Vegas

Ends today CES technology fair 2019. There was a massive event Las Vegas they passed through it 180 thousand peopleNearly 4,500 companies were in charge of completing the game city for almost a week.

Major companies demonstrated attempts to break through advances, innovations and market regulations. But not just Samsung, LG, Intel or Philips, but also small ones startups They show you that you can gradually go and compete with the giants.

bugle He was there among the main presentations presented at various hotels LVCC (Las Vegas Convention Center, where there is a fair there are thousands of stand).

This is best, worst and curious He left CES 2019.

The best: amazing TVs, smart furnaces and adorable headphones

In the first days Samsung and LG made a great bombing. Two of the leading choreographers for television and home appliances, the leading television channel roll-up TV, OLED TV R (65R9) and LG's 98-inch Samsung, QLED 8K, as we are saying here.

The question is what functionality might be the TV. But the technology is available and, at the entrance of the LG stand, the set of screens that simulate scenic natural scenes took all their eyes. Really spectacular

The introduction to the LG standard has caught everyone's attention. (EFE)

The introduction to the LG standard has caught everyone's attention. (EFE)

Samsung also released its prototype screen 280 inches, "Free Resolution": anyone who works. It looks stunning and can be tested on stand.

Another invention that was carefully invented With a smart screen. They have said that "reality" has increased and recipes are stepped up to see cooking points that do not open in the oven.

Sony predictions of noise have tested new headphones (when you use them, you can not hear anything from outside).

They have a system, when you put your headphones on your face with your ear, music stops when you hear what's happening in that case. Songs and volume are controlled with movement. WH-1000XM3 Wireless Noise-Canceling.

WH-1000XM3 Wireless Noise-Canceling: incredible sound. (Reuters)

WH-1000XM3 Wireless Noise-Canceling: incredible sound. (Reuters)

And we tried on Sony stand too Astro BotPlatform game, but ridiculous in virtual reality. Certainly the best CES list.

Parameter Resolution Homebrew, to make a beer machine at LG's, as a special coffee machine. This is how it works:

In addition, gadgets were of interest, small objects that make life easier in one way or another.

There is one thing to say about food. Special diets (unless you lose weight), this app suggests that a device is switched on and that nutrients are missing. Or was it left.

In the robot segment, how well it is, Lovot has to give us the robot "loneliness healing". A strange idea, but completely irresistible.

Lovot, a robot that loves. ) EFE

Lovot, a robot that loves. ) EFE

And also, Aibo, Sony's puppys knew that it was already a courage.

The worst thing is: the application that warns of changing steps as well as the common "smart" 6 thousand dollars

Not everything is a useful innovation at CES, of course. The worst thing was a device, basically, kitchen cutter with a TV. To watch Netflix, while cutting on the oven cut into a knife when it is dropped.

It does not seem quite safe to have an electronic burner device as well.

There is also a device with alerts to change diapers One thing as if it were correct.

And it definitely is useless "Laundry". The Kohler Numi 2.0 integrator comes in to talk with you.

Numi 2.0: with Alexa. (AP)

Numi 2.0: with Alexa. (AP)

It costs $ 6,000. Yes Six thousand dollars.

The most unusual thing: retrogaming, writing for laptops and foldable phones

Needless to say: We accept all our laptops in our laps. And we do not always have our pants. It is well known that male fertility can be extremely damaging and, therefore, the Spartan brand has designed subcontractors in the interior of the laptop without causing health.

Wacky? Yes Useful? Too much.

Somnox headaches robot It was a weird invention. It goes into the category of "therapeutic assistance" in support and repeats the sensations that embrace man.

After all, with a mechanical cushion with sensors and the mechanical system. The idea is strange, but it feels good.

The subject of the game was very striking. In general, the CES does not have a strong place in this place (although it has important advertisements such as Nvidia and AMD), but the retrogaming space was amazingly surprising: old games.

To stop remembering the current hyperrealistity of the graphics: it is also possible to get a new technology fair Pac-Man or Tetris.

In the field of computers, Gigabyte presented a fully-cooled server with liquid. It is a non-electric fluid and cooling systems are incredibly powerful.

FleigePai could also be seen from the Chinese company Royole, a mobile phone that does not fully understand this feature, but it is an attractive technology. Samsung introduced it last year, but it was never launched.

FleigePai Royolek. (EFE)

FleigePai Royolek. (EFE)

A year later, the CES Las Vegas has its own double Elvis, its casino labyrinths and games of Venice or Eiffel Tower. But with big inventions and startups, the city can be a bit extravagant.

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