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César Luis Menotti's 11 sentences: Bilardo's wish, Riquelme DT and Alfaro Boca.

In 2018, thanks to Argentine football, in the confrontation between the Libertadores Cup final between the River of Madrid and the Boca, César Luis Menotti He did a sort of assessment of what happened year-on-year and 2019.

Former coach of the Argentinian team told other questions about how he saw Santiago Bernabéu's definition in the future Gustavo Alfaro Boca coach and I would like to play it Juan Román Riquelme. In addition, in Radio Cooperativa, "Boca de Selección", he wanted to recover Carlos Salvador Bilardo.

MADRID FREEDOM PARTNER SPECIAL: "I am always fond of supporting and strengthening the emotional relationship between audiences and players, otherwise we say that the creator of this phenomenon is the football scene, like a song in Gardel. Back in Paris, it seemed strange to me, but it has already happened And I hope it will not happen again. "

"Rosario Central and Newell's Arsenal were much worse off to see the classic among the audience.

"I think Gallardo punishment is excessive, he can not enter the dress, he does not play, if it's late, his problem is that he can not send his life, as if he punished the referee."

GUSTAVO ALFARO YOUNG: "I deserve to be respectful, there are buses for self-determination and those who do not want to be buses are a good man."

"Gero Boca, his projects, we have to see how they can stop or stop playing … (The team is the time to rebuild, but it is a technician who manages everything. It is sure that his work will be productive in the club, Boca Boca and the complex thing It is, but I think it's ready again. "

CARLOS TEVEZEN SHEET: "Alfaro has enough personality because they gain a place for players who occupy a place, but always know the boss, the team that trains and decides".

"I did not see Tevez driving anything, but to help the coach, I got the victory everywhere, I showed the place to build. I am very pleased with the footballer, I feel very pleased when I like a player that way I saw it in the final game (against the Board), I hope I'm well prepared. "

LIONEL SCALONI CONFIRMACIÓN AUTONOMIA ARGENTINA: "I think that's why this team coach knows a lot about Argentine football."

THE FUTURE OF JUAN ROMÁN RIQUELME: "I would like to be a trainer, the president is a barbaric mess … He has a lot of experience, he has had many coaches, being a character has given the player a lot."

NEW ARGENTINA SUPERCOPA: "Central day and Boca play, my heart will be the Central Zone, I want to win the dignity that history demands, otherwise lose."

CARLOS SALVADOR BILARDO YOUR WISH: "The differences in life styles have nothing to do with, I hope that God helps me and helps you get out of such a situation, it's football, I hope I hope it's a deep desire. I was home, we have different ways of thinking, feeling of football representation, who do not require recovery as soon as possible … I want to respect my family. "

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