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Change the road, the plan that looks at the official status – 11/11/2019

The winning team did not touch.

That football knows that Jaime Durán Barba, a man of political laboratories, but who worked for Macrino for a long time in Argentinian soccer jargon and was the leader of this space.

For this reason, Ecuadorian lawmakers argued recently that candidates for 2019 election competition should not be expected in any way, as these factors do not change as a result of the voter's decision in a gravitational way.

But different political situations, after three years of change management, make up most of the elements that make up Macrista Laboratory looks seriously in the three main neighborhoods to change formulas: Nation, Province and City Hall of Buenos Aires.

Depending on the district, the neighbors can not determine the specifications by examining the locker room.

Together with Mauricio Macri, he is forced to take part in the 2019 presidential fight Gabriela Michetti, current vote and maximum vote in the National Senate. But the intentions of radicalization and PRO growth are under discussion. The radical intention of naming himself, together with the head of the government of Alfredo Cornejo Mendoza, lost the strength of Mauricio Macri himself.

The name of Patricia Bullrich joined the League for the security minister's development, as Macri insisted on the shutdown of the axis: Taser guns, expelling foreign aliens and the impoverished age. To this end, Bullrich does not like the idea of ​​being the sole political president of the political party.

Another name changed: Carolina Stanley, the Social Development Minister, received the same support this week Elisa Carrió, in the report "A dos voces", praised her. Official nations – like Bullrich – are Macri's top scorers, even though Stanley is politically more active with PRO-time boss. But one side is that the development owner does not fulfill that role. And his name is also in Buenos Aires City.

Stanley had the opportunity to vote for vice-president Horacio Rodríguez Larreta in recent days For two reasons: one could not confirm the peace of mind by Diego Santillano, for which he would compete in 2023 for the final series. And the other, because she is a woman and has a good image in the Buenos Aires elections.

In this way, the minister would leave the National Council and participate in the competition. There, he was a Social Welfare Minister to reach his friend María Eugenia Vidal. Another name is Graciela Ocaña, Macrismo AlliedLarreta well tuned but with no PRO kidney.

Certainly, the fate of Santillí also arises, and not renewed as a new deputy, would have another task. The Buenos Aires chiefs or a national ministry, nowadays, appear in the drinking tribe that took the reigns of the Buenos Aires Ministry of Security.

All these topics will be attended this weekend at the meetings of Mauricio Macri, the governor of Larreta and Alfredo Cornejo and Gerardo Morales with La Angostura. There will be a debate about possible elections, that is, some provinces that govern Cambiemos will distribute the elections according to elections, on August 11, PASO (Primary Education) and general elections, on October 27.

In the coming days, the next Argentine president will be defined and Macri has clearly defined the following: "Let's go together together". As a result, the Lehendakari will seek his elections and, by doing so, as Marcos Peña and Jaime Durán Barba wish, in the province of Buenos Aires and Mendoza they will choose another government that is not the most important province.

The province of Buenos Aires is the most delicate province, whose president, Vidal, believes that the President will give a strong victory before the general elections and, therefore, the promotion of Macri's selection. And, by the way, Cristina Kirchner refused the impulse of the mayor of Conurbano, who would not give them a bad luck when he was not a member of the nation, if the struggles that do not change their way of life manage their municipal armchairs.

When the Provincial Province is analyzed, Cambiemos's analysis María Eugenia Vidal admits her current Salvadoran Daniel Salvador. The radical leader has been faithful, according to the governor, and he has not made any noise in his expressions and political actions during the Vidalist management three years.

But since this negotiation has been linked to other national PRO discussions, the formulas in Buenos Aires also changed, and other examples of radicality could be found there. Vidalista was created in the bunker on the Retiro area, with Vidal himself and Federico Salvai's main employee with offices, it is Gustavo Posse. The current mayor of San Isidro has had a strong influence on the historical territory and some of the Buenosairean Legislative Referrals already know that this name changes the province's formula.

In addition to the radicalism of Makrismo national negotiation, the theme of the Chamber of Deputies also appears. National Deputy Mario Negri is Marcos Peña's favorite in the fight for the governance of Córdoba, the province where the numbers smile for Juan Schiaretti for his election.

Marcos Peña Baldassi, Ramón Mestre and Mario Negri. Photo by Daniel Cáceres

Marcos Peña Baldassi, Ramón Mestre and Mario Negri. Photo by Daniel Cáceres

If all the previsions of Cordova are explained, Negrito would make a list of the few national deputies, which would place itself in the head of the House of Representatives In favor of Emilio Monzó, to leave this role. But in this case, PRO wants a "cigar" for this place, it's an option Cristian RitondoVidal's Security Minister has already said that Mrs. de Cambiemos will not remain in the chair for the second time. Ritondo also has sounds, the main management of the PRO establishes its own province, and therefore Vidal can join a new administration in Buenos Aires.

These definitions will be discussed in summer politics and will be answered in March, when the Lehendakari and his small table -Paña, Vidal, Larreta- define the most important issues. The date of a division in Buenos Aires is the first item to solve.

That is why he will wait for the return trip to Durango's Ecuador Barak last week in February.

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