Wednesday , January 26 2022

Changes in Efficiency? | chronicle


It would be advisable to send the Government when they are in regular mail to reduce the age of the minors. The initiative appears in the election ceremony, and the discussions are warmed up in the distant areas of the ideal. This proposal, passed by the media, but the authorities did not confirm it, would have a great impact on ideas Jair Bolsonaro, New Brazilian president.

The draft of the new regime of young people was announced in 2017 by the Minister of Justice, Germán Garavano, and already progressed in the construction of consensus with the opposition sectors, such as the Justicialist block of the Senate, Miguel Pichetto, But the electoral congress had to delay the debate.

According to the same version, the Security Minister, Patricia BullrichAt age 14, Garavan is 15 years old. The moderation of the project would facilitate agreements with the opposition sectors and would replace the provisions of Act 22.278, punished in the midst of military punishment.

Initiatives should set the age-based scale criterion: at age 15, minors would only be crimes, such as homicides, rape, serious injuries, robbery and harassment of firearms.

In future, the party of the government praised the proposal, and the opposition declared Bullrich and accused him "Fascism".

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