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Chaqueño Palavecino took bad positions during the interview – 02/12/2018


du Chaqueño Palavecino (58) He disoriented in the air and caused an uneasy moment After commenting on the 10 channel of Cordova. Was While I was interviewed by chronicle Ivana Freitag, On the Music Square mobile.

On Tuesday there was a sharp incident, but this weekend he went viral to social networks. The following path began: The host of the Guadalupe Zamar program said "Friend with what you are well accompanied, Ivana". He replied: "Do you know the hat?", He mentions the elegant outfit of Salta singer.

At that time, On the screen, the folk singer was seen looking back and touched him back The reporter, laughing nervously, said: "I was looking at my tattoo on my back."

The reporter transferred and described the microphone to Chaqueño tattoo: "I do not go to bed without traveling.". Ivana immediately explained: "No, please. He did not say", and the singer justified her vision problems.

Ivana Freitag, from the Channel 10 of Cordova.

Ivana Freitag, from the Channel 10 of Cordova.

After the release, Noter decided to download it on social networksto tell the singer's dissolution and to explain the unpleasant moment he had to endure.

He first decided why he took a few days to write a letter: "If it was silent these days, why was it? I feel sadness, sorrow and insolence because of being a victim of such a sexist and macho an interviewer who refuses me from the deepest part of my heart and my being. "

Ivana Freitag, from the Channel 10 of Cordova.

Ivana Freitag, from the Channel 10 of Cordova.

Many asked why the chroniclers did not direct the singer directly. That's why he explained: "My value continued in the conversation I was doing directly, avoiding the situation, talking to avoid violence or avoid tension generated at work. "

In addition, live TV has no marginal error and nerves can betray. "Without borderless culture, this patriarchal love does not offer clear permits without limits. Education or courtesy seems to be confusing"he added …

Something to be Ivana highlighted the massive refusal of this event and criticized the attitude of the singer: "In the midst of this daze, due to this event, people wanted to celebrate and admit that this man was not attributed to many other things, the woman of the struggle to adapt to these moments are still under equal conditions."

"I hope that you contribute to this event or at least have a great deal of contribution, so we all react and say" enough " asked Cordovan journalist. And it is closed with the expression of hope: "We will be more equal to society, with the same rights.BASTA ", we must respect".


Today I take the floor.

If you were silent these days, I felt happy, sad, and insolent, for being a victim of sexist and sexist interviewed, an act I hate from my heart and from the bottom of my being.

My value continued in the conversation to say that I was doing directly, we wanted to avoid this situation in order to avoid verbal violence or prevent tensions that arise at work.

Live mobiles do not have the margin of error. Nerves often betray us and in movement in the patriarchal macho culture, the clear answers to setting the boundaries are not optimistic. Education or courtesy seems to be confusing.

If something is something I have learned as a journalist, we are not the protagonists of the interviews, the protagonists are interviewed and / or actions or messages.

It is a society that is responsible for making criticisms and actions.

In the midst of the conclusion of my event, people want to celebrate and accept themselves as people wanting to refuse to reject the male contribution, like many others, to adapt to the times of feminine struggle for equality. conditions.

In fact, I want to help this or, at least, I have a great contribution, we all react and say "enough."

I can only say thank you for all the help and support received.

Together we will make a more just society with the same rights.

Let's say "LOVE" for machismo, we must respect it.

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