Monday , June 21 2021

Check Russia & # 39; NASA Moon landed, says Roscosmos chief

The chief of the national space in the Russian space probably had his tongue on his cheek, checking his next mission to the moon & # 39; Whether NASA's Apollo missions took him to the ground. Probably.

According to his comment, the division between Western and Eastern confidence is growing, propaganda and information wars to the new levels and almost as a subject of social media.

Dmitry Rogozin, the head of the Roscosmos, was quoted as saying about the conspiracy theory of killing: NASA was joining Hollywood (some say exactly 2001: A Space Odyssey Director Stanley Kubrick) False landing on the moon as a victory for the Cold War propaganda.

Despite the harsh evidence of opposing evidence, such simple cases have long remained to keep the theories' theory alive.

Rogozin was shot at a meeting with President Kgor Dodon Moldovan.

Asked: NASA actually landed the moon in 1969?

Rogozin replied: "We have set this goal, whether there is no check or not."

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It places contextuality in the context of its body language: it was a gag in a sharp gypsum. But this is not likely to lead to any conspiracy for munition to add their denial.

Russia is not in conflict, even though the economic struggle and the criminal invasion international sanctions have been sent to its first Cosmonautera to the moon in the early 2030s. The plan will last for two weeks to provide sufficient supplies and supplies for visits.

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Rogozin wants to collaborate in China, Europe and the USA. In 2017, a signing agreement with Russia was signed with the United States to build a space station in the Lunar orbit, called the Deep Space Gateway.


NASA placed Moonlight's first man in Neil Armstrong in July 1969. When the world saw suspicion, when the Apollo 11 mission was launched in Cape Canaveral, he entered the orbit, landed to the ground and touched it again.

And not for the first time, Russia has questioned NASA's Moon achievements.

Since 2015, Russia's Research Committee spokesman Vladimir Markin has largely prevented the high-resolution color film of solvents released from 1969 on an international scale. He also questioned the scene structures on Moon's surface.

"We have not fought to defend themselves [to the Moon]and just made a movie about it, "wrote Markin." But these scientific or cultural objects are all part of the heritage of mankind, and their disappearance is without a trace our common loss. A study will tell what happened. "

Russia has a reason to try to condemn the achievements of NASA: it was not only forced on the Moon's surface, but forced to cancel Moon-shot program in the mid-1970s after exploding four rockets.

NASA, however, had no fault. Landing 200,000 tape recordings were overwhelmed with the effort to reduce costs. Later, a film restoration company was asked to retrieve and play footage captured on television broadcast.

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