Wednesday , October 27 2021

Chevrolet launches 7 2019 models, which develops less than 700 thousand cars


At the end of the last year of the Argentine Chevrolet Argentina, the company Announced planned plans for 2019: 7 models will be presented, 4 after 2018, among them Cruces edition, which will be located at the General Complex of Santa Fe General Automobile.

"The company plans are excited about the collapse of the 2018 sales collapse, the big hope was one of the best historical years," said Carlos Zarlenga, president of General Motors of Mercosur. From the building to the river.

"2019 years will be a challenge", stated that the director did not have any meetings, the main directorates of the group, vendors and drivers, specialized press and economics, among others. Infobae.

Oversized industry, the influence of exogenous inefficiencies

As a result of the rigorous framework of the automotive industry, Carlos Zarlenga reiterated his intention to analyze market perspectives: "All agreed that 2019 will be divided into two parts, the first part of the recruitment behavior in the second quarter of 2018 and from now on, the evolutionary uncertainty is evolving and it depends on what is recovered from real wages. I market about 640 thousand and 700 thousand units. "

This December, the executive said the market was not believed to be more than 40 thousand cars. And "as you can see from the offer, the average market price ranges between 80% and 90%, the effective value of the sale."

She added: "The current market delay is a delay in offset, price rises and real that prices are more stable in behavior. I think there is a lot of options going on with the Central Bank monetary policy, so the market will be small, 600 thousand units a year and higher than the 2019 end. "

In relation to exports, "Brazil's deliveries can reach less than 12% this year, but this year, as well as adapting concessionaires from countries around the country that determine lower levels."

Review export policy

Zarlenga maintains in the automotive industry industries a dialogue with government officials "to find mechanisms, to increase exports, such as the elimination of emergency deduction of $ 3 dollars and tax refunds".

"We have an automotive industry with an installed capacity of 4 million units, and we have not yet achieved exclusively export-oriented investment, but we are selling basic products on the internal market and sending the rest to Brazil. The question is why there is no place where the industry is located who does not export extrazone, "the entrepreneur pledged.

One of the main issues, as the majority of the industries, is the low competitiveness: "they will be reversed in the face of inadequate struggles, reducing taxation, achieving more efficiency, reducing the cost of transport and in-house logistics, manufacturing, machinery and processes engineering, It is clear that, together with the competitiveness, there are investments in export destinations, "he summarized. Carlos Zarlenga responded to the press conference questions, according to an investment by GM, a 7-step rollout plan, of which, he said, "they should talk a lot."

Dollars and interest rates

GM's regional manager added how the heavy and high interest rates were triggered by the terminal business; "From the point of view of profitability, initial debates created a significant redhead, especially in September, but the exchange rate of around $ 39 was significantly reduced."

In terms of interest rates, Zarlenga said: "The level of sales is high, the customer who wants to buy the car does not have more financing options."

And about the forecasts planned in 2019, the only minimal detail of the new Chevrolet Cruze was given, like the introduction of the 4G and WiFi factory, the employer planned: "We will launch a new generation of technology, safety and connectivity vehicles, a leader in technology and innovation ".

Chevrolet He also premiered with Midnight Tracker, a brand new model that will be launched in 2019. The Midnight series was inaugurated in 2018 when the Argentine market was presented S10 midnight.

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