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Chicago: wheat, corn and soybeans remain in the market without a compass

du The prices of corn and wheat were slightly lower than soybeans moderately, in a quiet session, to prevent investors from losing data due to partial closure of the US federal government. Christmas Eve celebrations and the New Year's Eve looked "pretty light on the agricultural market volumes", as Steve Georgy, seeing Allendale mediation companies.

In this context, The quotes changed very little on Thursday. It has affected the sixth day of the paralyzing members of the United States federal administrations, without paying hundreds of thousands of public employees without calling it "off". du The negotiations were republished between Democrats and Republicans on Thursday, without the signal of progress.

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At the heart of the blockade: the wall that is intended Donald Trump on the border of Mexico to fight illegal immigration. This closure has a price effect that impedes the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) by publishing traditional sales reports abroad.

The Mazarrón bushel (about 25 kg) was launched in March, the most negotiated contract on Thursday, at $ 3,7450, at $ 3,7325 (Wednesday) (+ 0.33%). In March wheat, the most traded was the same day as the 5,1050 (+ 0.10%). Only in March, the most negotiated contract was $ 8,8250, $ 8,8300 at the end of the previous year's previous year (-0.06%).

On Saturday, December 22, the United States federal government closed down. A few days before, President Donald Trump signaled the signing of a resolution adopted by the Senate and the House of Representatives to finance more than three months of government until the final agreement was reached.

After two days, the president has said that the funds on the wall of the Mexican border will be first sent or that they have not signed anything. So the government will be closed for a week. What does the closure of the government mean? Saying what to say first is not to ask. The closure of the federal government does not mean that the entire United States government stays in operation.

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