Friday , January 15 2021

Chicken has exceeded $ 60 and continues to grow

Opposition to Oil Exports Countries (OPEC) has reassured oil prices to reduce oil prices, reduce production, and at the same time reduce demand concerns. In the case of Gross Brent, the barrel was more than $ 60.

North Brent Cannon, a benchmark in Europe, In March, the London Intercontinental Exchange (ICE) exceeded $ 60, in the first three and a half weeks. This represents a 20% increase over the last two weeks.

Then he was quoted $ 59.89 pounds, up 1.99%, compared to Tuesday. On the last days of December, the barrel was marketed around $ 50, reaching a peak of more than $ 80 a year and showing its volatility.

West Texas (WTI), a reference in the United States, It was a $ 50.92 trade, up 2.27% on Tuesday.

The upward trend has been almost two weeks since the OPEC and its allies have decided to limit their oil production, as promised by the beginning of December. The investor is in a more optimistic demand for trade negotiations than China and the United States.

But the rise of crude US President Donald Trump's intent is against it, He said that at the end of the year the prices were good and that he did not climb any further.

Although the United States has spoken to Saudi Arabia, the main ally and leader of the OPEC in the Arab world, will increase oil production to offset Iran's crude market, restoring sanctions and avoid pricing execution.

However, the OPEC, its presidency of the Venezuelan regime and its foreign allies, under the leadership of Russia, It seems to be doing the oppositeSo there's hope in Trump's potential before market response.

Especially after The United States ratified the Alliance with Saudi Arabia, after diplomatic congresses after the assassination of journalist Jamal Khashoggi after the assassination Turkish consulate

Green markets in Europe

In the meantime, the main stock exchanges in the main continents have increased on Wednesday, with positive tide between China and the United States, with the CAC 40 index, growth of 1.17% and the DAX in Germany with 0, 89% and British FTSE 100% with 0.85. The European Stoxx grew 600% with 0.76%.

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