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Chile distributes a pill free of HIV prevention

du PREP This is a pill launched in 2012 that helps prevention HIV. He has highlighted the success of this medication World Health Organization (WHO) to indicate that it has had a great impact on the United States and in many European countries. However, high prices make it almost impossible for many of the most developed countries.

Chile PrEP is one of the nation's leading figures. Almost now it is sold in neighboring countries 600 dollars a month. And it is necessary to take a proper pill every day. However, the Chilean government recently announced that it will be released in 2019.

From the Chilean Public Health Institute (ISP) Between 2010 and 2017 the number of people with HIV doubled. That is why the Trans-Andean Government is committed to the national plan with the clear goal of reducing the infectious infection rates.

PrEP will be distributed free in Chile in the first quarter of the next year. Actually, the good results that the tablet has made to advance the campaign. It should be noted that the United States Department of Disease Control and Prevention has reported that the percentage of drugs reduces the transmission by sex of 90 percent.

In the same way, PrEP reduces the 70th percentile by hiring people who have not been sterilized or used. In the BBC News, New York, San Francisco or London pill, this pill has helped reduce the number of people with HIV.

The tablet was launched in 2012. Gilead Science, a leading pharmaceutical company in the United States, began with the brand Truvada. Three years later, WHO promoted the use of PrOp, consisting of tenofovir and emtricitin drugs.

It is important that taking the pill is considered to have side effects. First of all, it is necessary to know that it actually takes the virus. Checking urine status and surrounding kidney cancer is crucial, because in some cases it causes disorders of these organs. It is also essential to emphasize It's not 100 percent infallible Therefore, it is recommended not to use a wide range of HIV prevention methods.

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