Tuesday , June 15 2021

China began research after genetically modified babies

China started its investigation on Monday After announcing the Chinese researcher genetically modified in vitro fertilization twins were born AIDS virus resistantAn experiment as "dangerous" and "irresponsible". He was Jiankui, University Professor Shenzhen, Southern ChinaHe posted a video on YouTube two weeks ago, two great videos about birth DNA It was resistant to AIDS virus. Father says that HIV is positive.

When Chinese scientists and organizations received a lot of criticism, the Chinese National Health Commission urged Chinese Xinhua news agency to "immediately investigate." Stanford, a researcher trained in the United States and a specialist in Shenzhen's genome lab, explains, he used the Crispr-Cas9 technique called "genetic guracy", which removes and suppresses unwanted genomes. fix the bug in your computer.

The children, called "Lula" and "Nana", were created as part of the in-vitro fertilization of the embryo in the mother's uterus. "After the introduction of her husband into the sperm after the sperm, the embryo injects a Crispr-Cas9 protein, changing a gene to protect a girl's HIV infection," explains Jiankui.

Verified experiment

Genetically modified DNA may be used to prevent illness, but this practice is a serious problem, the new generations will lead to genetic changes and may result in a new way of eugenics. MIT Technology Review reminds us that "technology has an ethical responsibility".

The prediction of this medical experiment was made on the eve of the beginning of the Hong Kong World Genome Speech Conference, the Chinese researcher must present the results in detail. However, after the critics received, the genetic conference is not guaranteed. The self-proclaimed medical experiment was not independently verified. The Chinese team has not published its results in the scientific journal.

Practice "very problematic"

After the announcement, many Chinese scientists and organizations criticized this experiment. The university that worked was informed that in February it was not allowed to receive its salary and that the genetics of transformed genes believed that they indicated "the violations of the ethical criteria of the academy and its norm".

"This research was done in the field of the university," the University of South Science and Technology said on Monday in a statement. Hundred hundred scientists also criticized the experiment and proclaimed in vitro fertilization legislation.

The medical experiment was known for a long time, but scientists did not want to use it, "nobody is planning to predict the adverse impact of these genetic changes," believes this group of scientists who believe that this Pandora box has opened.

In addition, the international critics criticized the announcement on a YouTube video. "Publication of these results on YouTube video is a very practical science practice," recalls Nicholas Evans, professor of philosophy at Lowell University at Massachusetts University, where he works at Biotechnology. "This is far from the control processes based on remote scientific advances, such as peer evaluation," he added, as AFP questioned.

Whether it's reported that the issue creates "serious ethical concerns," said Sarah Chan, from the University of Edinburgh, referred to by Science Media Center. "Talking about these claims seems to be most fraudulent (…) deliberately fraudulent," he added. He did not immediately answer questions from AFP.

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