Wednesday , September 28 2022

China Moon Land Vehicle Mission: Chang & # 39; e-4


China will be the first nation to go to land in the dark side of the Moon. But Beijing is unfocused about the event – despite the fact that this weekend's promotion day is not confirmed.

The Chinese national space administration aims to direct the Von Karaman Crater Robotian land near the South Pole of the Moon. In addition to being the oldest crater impact on the Solar System, there is a perfect water ground for ice water and hydrogen isotope in the wind.

Both have the potential to allow future interplanetary missions.

Landing, Chang & # 39; e-4 (Moon Goddess 4) will touch the crater to analyze its content. They should also experience low-level growing plants.

To make the mission possible, a satellite communication was launched earlier this year, in May, to return its signals to the Earth again. A part of Chang's mission is to use Moon's solution masking effect, the radio's noise & # 39; lock and hear interstellar signals. It will demonstrate the clarity of the telescope optics at the Earth's ionospheric output.

Although this weekend was being launched, Chang & # 39; e will touch on the Moon's surface on December 31.

In China, space efforts have been carried out on the Moon's space program in 2004. Both probes are in Lunar orbit, Chang ™ # 1; and 1 and 2. Chang & # 39; e-3 lunar plot was the first time in 1976.

Chang & # 39; e-4 is a pioneer in Chang & # 39; e-5, scheduled for the next year. It is designed to collect the regular sample (Moon dusty surface) and to return to Earth.

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