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China offers NASA moon mission probation

"It did not spend a lot of money, which can be similar to the kilometer kilometers we build."

NASA scientists have also reportedly exchanged the lunar Chinese data, and China has requested a request from NASA for Chang & # 39; e-4 to use the lunar probe for the far-left America's exploration of the future moon.

Spatial cooperation request, despite a ban against NASA, Chinese officials could visit any of the land facilities and banish a Chinese astronaut from the International Space Station.

China's exploration luncheon, Wu Wei, said Monday that NASA scientists asked China to extend the life of the satellite of the satellite, while using Jade Rabbit to send out pictures, when the vehicle looked at it far away from the moon.

NASA also asked Chang & # 39; e to take the moon whale.

Jade Rabbit, the Chinese lunar leader, lets the wheelchairs touch the surface of the moon by touching the remote surface.

Jade Rabbit, the Chinese lunar leader, lets the wheelchairs touch the surface of the moon by touching the remote surface.Credit:AP

The request was made at an international conference last year, when American scientists learned to China, it became the first nation to reach the far side of the moon.

Wu said China's state television: "Why America asked why [NASA] to extend the service life of the star of the relay? He was also told to go to the dark side of the earth, and if the star's life is extended, then they can use it. I said that we can give Chang-e 4 as a beacon. "

NASA wanted to tune in to watch China's Moon probes and shoot the dusty space.

China urged the United Nations to land landing time and location in advance, so it could record the US satellites, he said.

"This is a golden opportunity in the United States, when a meteorite of the moon reflects the moon until it reaches the moon."

However, at the next press conference, he said US scientists and Chinese scientists have exchanged information on the lunar mission, but the US satellite could not change its horizons and could not control it in real time.

The other four nations have Chang & # 39; e-4 scientific equipment and work in China. In the US, there was no participation in the Chinese lunar mission in history.

Wolf's so-called 2011, NASA funding does not prohibit NASA's cooperation with China, without the explicit approval of the US Congress.

The four nations (Germany, Sweden, the Netherlands, and Saudi Arabia) will receive the data obtained through space experiments through scientific changes by Chang & # 39; e-4.

Chinese scientists automated the earth's process and delayed the data being transmitted from the moon did not succeed until they were analyzed.

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Wu said that Jade Rabbit was in the exploration phase and he studied the moon's land. "Analyzing the structure of the 100-200 meter length and composition is essential to know the origin and age of the moon," he said.

Another territory, Chang & # 39; e-5, is expected to bring samples to the end of the year.

Chang's chief engineer, Sun Zezhou, said China had chosen to distance the moon from the "exploration of the spirit …" as an unprecedented foreign success.

Moonlighting's basic research plans were in the conceptual phase, and scientists used solar energy, robots, and astronauts.

Wu said the extreme weather of the moon, which was 100 degrees hot and cold at 180 ° C, was "very challenging" and the research base was placed on the south pole.

China hopes that the space spacecraft is running in 2022 and is working with Russia, France, Germany and the European Space Agency.

The next steps in the Chinese moon programs will be to land the moon's pole on the moon.

Kirsty Needham is a correspondent of China, Sydney Morning Herald and The Age.

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