Friday , March 31 2023

China opens "Pandora's box" in genetic engineering


A Chinese researcher's statement The human embryo's genes have successfully changed the country could force its decision on the future of its strong biotechnology industry, and would have significant implications for new Rational technological weapons in the West.

He Jiankui, a United States-educated scientist and lives Shenzhen, he announced on Monday that Crispr could use a powerful genetic editing tool to relieve newborn babies. This statement, the peer-reviewed date was not allowed and was not verified, led scientists in China and other countries to condemn broadband, and many described long-term use of the irresponsibility of a technology. This term is still not fully understood.

However, regardless of the veracity of your statements, probably China, aggressive business activists and less demanding standards, countries will test the limits accepted by researchers at the time of genetic manipulation. This is what the leader has to do with a dilemma: whether to go to the U.S. or not, and to adopt a rigorous or non-interventionist approach to its implementation in Europe, catalyze it through rapid innovation in the strategic sector, as it may be a serious risk to patients.

"Always the password of others is always there Discard ethical jurisdictions or jurisdictions they have been demanding ethical processes and trying to apply and apply technology, "said John Christodoulou, professor of genomic medicine at Melbourne University." Rumors are happening in China. "

On Tuesday at a press conference, one Chinese official stressed that China had banned its use of genetic beauty in 2003. The researcher will open the project data on Wednesday in Hong Kong's international genetics Kong, according to a representative. He did not respond to requests.

Artificial Intelligence

The Chinese scientist has put pressure to bear on proving conventional evidence and complying with ethical standards. Twenty weeks ago births were born, births have not yet been verified.

He was one of the founders of Crispr Techologist at the Berkeley University in California at Berkeley University before taking great care of humans. "This time there is no clinical use until there is a broad social debate," said Doudan in an interview with Hong Kong. "We have to be very precise if someone wants to get into the clinic, they are the criteria to be met".

Discussion on genre edition China is aggressively moving forward in the 21st century. Century-defining technology, artificial intelligence. The competition between Western and Chinese companies has been compared to the development of powerful AI systems, with the Cold War weapon, both in terms of development, and Tesla Inc. The creators of technology like Elon Musk warn that they may be misleading.

Alibaba Group Holding Ltd. and Tencent Holdings Ltd. Chinese companies, meanwhile, Google Inc. and Facebook Inc. They will compete with the company for global leadership in AI, Asian countries have launched many applications. Other countries would have serious ethical and regulatory concerns.

An attractive way to move forward genetic editing techniques It's easy to understand. In the medium term, it is hoping to treat cancer and lethal illnesses and hereditary illnesses. In the long run, scientists can use the genes edition to be more human, to be more resistant to or more physically stronger.

This week, some Chinese institutions, including a university professor of biology, are distinguished from their work. In Hong Kong's genetic session, Renzong Qiu, a professor of the Academy of Sciences of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, a country known as "father of bioethics, said that he has probably worked with government regulations.

Many US and European countries strongly disapproved Crispr's use, called a germinated edition, that is, the changes made by the descendants of the original patient, as he said in China.

A group of 122 Chinese scientific researchers published a letter on Monday, academically calling Chinese unfair academies into unfairness, working with consciousness and respecting ethical boundaries. The Chinese government urged them to impose clear rules. "Pandora's box is open," they said. "It looks like we have to close a little before it's too late."

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