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Chinese Scientist Who Created CRISPR Babies Can not Address Death Penalty, Fellow Geneticist Warned


He was Jiankui
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Britain's geneticist is worried that He Jiankui – a Chinese scientist born from genetically modified twin families – faces a death penalty in the face of corruption and bribery.

When Jiankui went back in early December, we suspect big problems before the evil scientist, but as Sarah Knapton Telegraph reports, his predicament is far worse than being thought of.

Arrested scientist warns of living in an armed custody in Shenzhen, China, in a state of dire housing, according to the geneticist Robin Lovell-Badge of the Francis Crick Institute in London, who is now worried about a death sentence.

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In November 2018, Lovell-Badge organized the Second International Summit on Human Genome at the University of Hong Kong. While listening to his controversial work, rumors, Lovell-Badge invited a 34-year-old scientist and biotechnology entrepreneur to save the temperature of the mind, or said he was "Telegraph," to control his "pressure". At the summit, he approved the use of CRISPR / Cas9 gene-editing tool to change the twin baby embryos for children today. Genetically modified humans, the world's first, due to immunological HIV, due to the elimination of the CCRA gene, girls can cause more serious illnesses, among other well-known and unknown health problems.

When he said he was proud of his work, when he spoke to the summit, the investigations were preceded by allegations that the experiments were carried out under secret and that he did not go through ordinary means, among other claims.

The Telegraph reported in the UK that scientists reported that they had suffered corruption and bribery charges and had been sentenced to death in China. It also violates the established guidelines for research, which establishes genetically modified maternal embryos instead of destroying it by convention. In China, the State guidelines have the same laws as established by Telegraph.

"There is an official investigation led by science and health ministries," said Lovell-Badge for Telegraph. "Many people would probably lose their job, it was not the only one, so how did they get to do all this work? It would not be what you wanted during these days of corruption and in China," said "Few people have lost a lot of corruption have them ".

Indeed, the Chinese government has conducted research on endemic corruption across the country, including scientific research. At the beginning of 2018, the government introduced new reforms, including the list of offenders, refusing to receive scholarships or research posts. And in December, China announced that it would use its controversial social credit system to counteract breaking-off scientists.

Lovell-Badge has said that since the beginning of December he has stayed at university-owned accommodation and that armed guards take a "fair amount". It is not clear whether it is under Domestic Arrest or protects the guard, as the evil scientist has done with the death threats, the Telegraph Reports.

He practiced physics, he had a lot of money in research funds, required by laboratory technicians and IVF doctors.

"Here is a physicist who knows little biologist, he is very rich, he's a giant ego, he wants to be something that will change the world," Lovell-Badge told Telegraph.

Chinese civil servants will have to determine whether the collaborative help is known about project and legally binding wisdom.

It must be a matter of his actions, but the death penalty would have to happen, without a doubt, it would be excessive. It would be unfortunate for the government and its officials to give a fair amount of rigor, excluding the responsibility of systemic and regulatory problems. Yes, he acted negligently, but for now the punishments would not only be: they should find ways to avoid happening again.

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