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Cholo Guiñaz at the Talleres battle against San Martin de Tucuman – 12/01/2014

After winning in Brazil football, Pablo Guiñazú, in January 2016, Talleres reached his love club. And although people showed their first love, their experience was added to this good performance. full heart of the killer whale. At the age of 40, Cholo appeared on Friday to show his magic, when he scored a great goal With respect to San Martin de Tucumán, he remembered the bombing of All Boys, which was so crucial to return to T First.

Juan Pablo Vojvoda was presented at the Padre Martearena Stadium in Salta, in order to face his first formal preparation in order to face the Independent Superliga, on January 27, and crossed the San Pablo section for the second round of Libertadores Cup on February 6.

After a corner of Tino Costa, The Tucuman team put an advantage Lucas Acevedo finished off in the first half, in the minute 26, but in addition Cordovan took part in the draw for Guiñazú's magic.

On 6th, old Vasco da Gama picked up the ball in the area and learned it left missile He defended Jorge Carranza in the left-hand corner of the arch.

Guiñazú's second goal was Talleres T-shirt. First? It was very similar, in other cases too. In June 2016, T fought Forest Against All Boys, to restore the First. In the first half of the game, he won 1-1 for the Cordovan instinct, and after 12 years he left for the central defender to return to the main flight.

The Uruguayan striker Junior Arias, along with Dayro Moreno of Colombia, finished Workshops victoryAfter ten minutes of completing the game.

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