Thursday , October 6 2022

Choripanes, pies and wines: how was the encounter between the river and the Boca basin Argentina's ambassador in Spain


Choripanes' smoke on the back, well-prepared meatballs and red wine, with water from the Argentine Argentinian superclassic. No Embassy residence Ramón Puertawho invited him Peñas de Boca and the river They are still in color from the Spanish capital. At the end of the week the locals own the same fans.

Puerta, host, received Gigi Gibson, President of the official branch of the river of Madrid, and Leo Ponzella, the president of the Peña Xeneize, following the meetings held from 2017, to see fans of the most important clubs in the country to get the classics together "Rivals not enemies". These antecedents were preceded by the striking nomination of the Santiago Bernabéu football field.

The Argentinian ambassador of the Kingdom of Spain does not allow interviewing. More than thirty Spanish media require one, two, three. That's why they are the main officer of today's country and that's why they hear it. In the midst of the chaos of microphones, cameras and photographers, he has been talking with Infobae for a few minutes.

– What do you think of naming in Madrid the headquarters of this party?

-We checked two days earlier. Luis Rubiales called me the President of the Spanish Football Federation. It was strange, it's true, what happened in the monument. We're very good at organizing a very G20, we showed the world, but in a few days it was surprised by a small minority roommate. That happened, therefore, it seems to me positive: Conmebol decides to leave Argentina, because he is coming to Madrid, because he is projecting Argentine football for the planet as everyone sees, like Real Madrid in a stadium. So now we have to take advantage. Here at our embassy, ​​we have again shown that there is a good coexistence between both parties. That is the message to be given.

– How was the barra brava news deported?

-What is your security in Argentina with the help of the Argentine security agencies? We always have a deck guard to go to similar cases. But the police decided here.

-He really asked you a lot?

-A little … (laughter) Fortunately, this problem has been solved a lot. And there are a lot of people with cards. Is well organized.

The Argentine president is a day-long missionary in the crisis in 2001 Boca fan known although "according to my function and in this case, I am part of all the statements of our country," he admitted. He even said Mauricio Macri will not be there, they would not be able to talk about this opportunity and would be ready to help "win the winners".

Boca, Leo Ponzella has organized all the fans' movements. They have prepared on Saturday player support banner At the hotel lobby when they arrive from previous training matches. Ponzella made meetings with the Madrid security forces, who were asked to organize the two parties on the street. After one of these meetings, the president of Peña Xeneize in Madrid concluded that they did not have the support of the club. "Boca, as an organization, did not help. Communication was missing, call, we feel something. We are also a club. We only met the police here, alone. The subsidiary of River, on the other hand, had a club representative. It helped them more. And I do not tell you what we wanted the tickets, that's why it's not. In fact, I got the card online for a year and I spent three hours in front of the computer. I do not expect any more among the leaders, "says Ponzella, who had not received a call from the club led by Daniel Angels.

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