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Chubut: psychologists are afraid of hantavirus

Esquel and all the local psychologists (a dozen or so) and "operational plan", together with the workforce of three professionals, including the hospital, the municipality and the third-party workers. directly with the families of the victims of the occurrence. Elijah says, some other implementations took blood samples from 180 infected environments, "although they were in contact with the virus, without showing symptoms".

"The psycho-social approach was decided to work in a precise manner, which is why all of Esquel's and local people's psychologists (ten out of a total) have organized an operational plan." "The emergence of the disease we live in our province has diminished the population's emotionally." Jorge Elías, Director of the Skeleton Program Director

According to the latest section of the Ministry of Health of Chubut, there are still two people in the "critical situation" therapy and the third in isolation. Elias explained that the doctors did not make viruses through rodents, but that it was "infected among people." Originally it was a birthday party held at the beginning of November and a young hantavirus already declared.

Party: All cases of falsehood occurred in this location. It would be infected with a party.

According to a specialist, human-to-human transmission is an exclusive feature of the Andes virus. Something that does not happen with other North American, European and Asian tensions, where the only vector is rodents. Although they are not full evidence, "in this case it is suspected and suspected of humanitarian contamination," said Elías. At the press conference, the Esquel program's leaders interviewed about 100 people in an open community conference to resolve doubts and bring peace of mind.

Since Hantavirus is a disease with low prevalence, but major killings, the Ministry of Health offered a series of recommendations to tourists and mountain people to strengthen the disease prevention.

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