Sunday , January 17 2021

Cigarettes have grown by 6% on Monday

The increase will be between 4 and 6 pesos and this is the first climb of the year, afterwards He has recorded seven times in the past years, the last one grew by 8.4% in November.

Along with growth, they are among the leading brands in the market MarlboroIt will cost $ 76 in its King Size version $ 81 in its box version; Philip Morris, Will pay $ 72 in its KS version and $ 76 in its box version.

Meanwhile, Chesterfield It will cost $ 66 in KS version and $ 70 in box, brand again L & MIt will cost $ 60 in its Red KS and Blue KS versions.

Like other brands Benson & Hedges, Parliaments and Virginia Slims It will be $ 87 for sale in 20 boxes.

"There is a large tax burden on the Argentine tobacco sector, the highest in the world. It is important to remember the marketing points of the country, according to Resolution 110/1991, DNI (National Law 24.674 / 1996) of the ID number of the Ministry of Economy of the United Nations, it is forbidden to change the sale price of advertising cigarettes published by tobacco companies"said the company.

Still not yet, today, another tobacco, British American Tobacco (BAT) -ex Nobility Piccardo- announces that cigarettes are added, including Camel, Lucky Strike and Parisiennes.

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