Tuesday , May 18 2021

Cinthia Fernandez's comment could not refuse Sabrina Rojas: "Silvina Escudero told me that Luciano Castro had filmed all the girls"

Moria Casán He discussed a new chapter for the separation discussed Luciano Castro and Sabrina Rojas. The One slipped out when the relationship was over, it could have been caused by an extortion of a love, paying special attention to the actresses who worked with the beau 100 days in love.

Rojas refused to use this theory, though Cinthia Fernández He has provided information Morning angels. "The two names are in my head: Andrea Rincón and Silvina Escudero, who works with Morias"he risked it.

"Silvina is at the helm", reminded Karina Iavicoli. "I went to the fountains with Silvina and told me that nothing had happened to her, but Luciano was shooting the girl." He revealed the little angel.

"Oh, does Silvina tell me, look how divine!" Angel De Brito commented. "For me, another person told me that everyone was shooting", Lourdes Sánchez added.

"They told me about Rincón (supposed lover)I consulted him and told me nothing, he was mad. I think the famous lie, "he said. Iavicoli closed.

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