Wednesday , May 18 2022

Cipolleon's Astronomy Observatory extracts images of Wirtan comet


He has traveled to the orbit around the Sun for 5.4 years. Denis Martínez, with the reference of the Hemisfereo Astronomical Astronomical Foundation, was published.

The Southern Hemisphere Amateur Foundation Foundation, Denis Martínez, released the first photos of the Tharsis Astronomy Observatory, expected by Comet 46P Wirtanen. This morning they took 1:10 a.m.

It is a small star that has run the sunshine around the clock for about 5.4 years and was discovered on January 17, 1948 by the American astronomer Carl Alvar Wirtat. On December 17, 2018 they will approach the Earth at a distance of 7 million kilometers or 30 times to the Moon.

Through social networks, Martínez is expected to "increase brightness in the first days of December" and, if it is, "it can be seen by means of simple eyes and telescopes".

At the same time, "light pollution determines that it can only see a very simple place", and that is why "it is necessary to go to the best place to make a better comet record".

Tharsis Astronomy Observatory

The observatory was opened in September 2018 near the Meteorological Station. Works by Denis Martínez, a reference to the Hemisfereo Astronomical Astronomy Foundations and the head of the Rodolfo Merlino station.

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At the end of the month he will open the local astronomy observatory


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