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Claudia Villafae avoids the launch of Maradona's biopic

With the success of Luis Miguel, the series became anger to make biographies about famous people who worshiped or questioned the Argentine publishing house. For now, a series about Carlos Monz and Gilda is being launched; It is the production of Susana Gimnez and Ricky Fort; and it is not long before Diego Maradona's project is released.

Die's audiovisual production is on its way. It was produced by Amazon and consists of 3 stellar films. Acting Nicols Goldschmidt, at the age of 32, played in the early years of the Argentinian Juniors. Considering the greatest star of the Nazarene Homemaker, being a National Team captain. Finally, Juan Palomino interpreted in recent years.

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In any case, the international producer found a problem: Claudia Villafae, lfootballer's wifeHe wants to start legal actions to ban out the biopic. "I do not let the book know because I do not know how they are being treated, the actors have nothing to do with it," Involved explains in the interview.

"I met someone, but I do not know who he was, I do not know how to tell a story I want to live in. I do not want to find information in a place where there is no need to go, I will not accept it. I do not know that things are not true, "he clarified.

Fernndo Burlando, lawyer, years ago Villafae Comment: Claudia was not allowed to use her image. I think that everyone has the right to refuse. Or, at least, there is a commercial question, at least, to question Clauda's will. Then, a lawyer explained that he was the solution to an economic situation. Will they reach an agreement?

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