Monday , October 18 2021

"Cllese, lady, stay lying and talk to me …" Jimena Barn and the hard cross between "La Chipi"!


"They do not have peace," he said came to our country and they only watched TV for five minutes. And it is true that it will not be very bad, especially when they see the incredible crossings that happen on a daily basis, which are even more famous screenwriting and raw screenwriters on famous social networking movements. abrupt

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This time, Jimena Barn and the clash between "La Chipi" occurred: as everybody knows, tonight, it is best to watch the actress being Dancing by Dream, the problem is that of the woman Daby Brieva offered an interview in the morning of Los Angeles, during the Tango Doll, Flor Pea, a member of the jury, that Morrison's mother stated "to organize among them."

Of course, when Jimena informed her that he had heard the powerful text he had answered through his official Twitter account, which made clear what his position was: "Cllese, lady, lying lying. Speak m, when the minimum greetings cross me, I do not see what I will not see, the hot water that will have a little clot, which is physically impossible. "

For the moment, he decided to say nothing about "La Chipi", but probably tonight when Marcelo Tinelli confronts two goddesses, the problem has to be taken advantage of to clarify the problem. it goes through a lot of tension that goes through a great voltage, for obvious reasons, it helps to increase the score significantly in order to place the public in two defined areas: against or against "La tonta".

Of course, television will launch a serious accusation of the most spectacular television programs in Argentina, probably to focus on the Blessing of Pena itself, which will strengthen the bumps of a collaborator, and since most of the participants did not tire of telling him about his political principles he denied Clarn's contract one agree They have no peace!

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