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Closer and closer, Diego – 2013/11/30


El Dorados de Maradona defeated Atlético San Luis 1-0 and the rise of the MX team has just arrived. Oh, he's losing his fight with the team that eliminated Pelusa and loses his return.

Dorados lives in a unique moment in his history, at the reserve bank Diego Armando Maradona. And that was not enough, the results continue with friends from Sinaloa: 1-0 wins Atlético San Luis in the first half of the final To reach the Aztec high class. If he maintains the advantage as a visitor, he will measure it with the champion of the semifinal tournament to decide whether or not to determine the jump.

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Édson Rivera, in the minute 75, scored Culiacan, but Pelussa stole the most important moment, as in many cases. What happened? With a discount, Vinicio Angulo fell into the opposite field. Maradona went to the court and shouted coach of San Luis Alfonso Sosa.Then, he will not refund any payments.

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Diego, celebrating the victory. (EFE / Juan Carlos Cruz)

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