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Coca-Cola accidents in a protest carried out by FEMSA workers: the police prevented the suspension of traffic

The protests made by Coca-Cola FEMSA workers in the corner of Callao and Corrientes began Protestant and police incidents.

The competitions began at 7:30, the activists went to Corrientes to stop traffic. LThe local Police, when it was there, formed a formation and advanced the release of the passage.

They used secret truces to promote protests and spray pepper spray. However, they did not achieve the goal: the workers rebuilt and stopped to move the cars that came from.

At 7:45 a.m. Police opened a new formation and moved to the forefront of Callao Avenue, making the Protestant pillar a retreat. There were voltage scenes and they covered many protesters in front of the journalists. On the other hand, the troops were wounded by some pepper sprays and Protestants. Finally, at 7:51 a.m., the police managed to clear the protest and traffic in Callao and Corrientes. FEMSA packing companies joined the Callao and Lavalle shores.

After the procedure, he was not detained. The sources of police consulted by Infobae were described as "very clean". "The goal was to release Callao and Corrientes at this time, to avoid chaotic situations at that time," they said.

Conflict started to settle last week, the company called for a preventative crisis procedure to reduce its consumption. After negotiating with the union, at the headquarters of the Ministry of Production and Labor, Femsa finally announced that "there was no need to open PPC" and instead of the planned 75 projects, 32 were.

The company's statement "Coca-Cola FEMSA Argentina has reached an agreement to reduce the restructuring impact of the Preventive Crisis at the end of the procedure" and "in the coming days will be a formal step towards the approval of this agreement." As agreed by the parties, the excluded party will pay 100% of the compensation while the rest will transfer the company to other plants.

But despite reaching an agreement, packaged personnel reported yesterday that they were accused of accusing the accused of showing up in the middle of Buenos Aires that he had "begun and dismissed almost 24 workers' jobs at the headquarters of the neighborhood of Pompeii.

"Coca-Cola and the entire population of consumer families were clear that this multinational had no crisis and therefore did not approve the presentation of the Crisis Provision Procedure, but, unfortunately, the Ministry of Labor acknowledged that the Employer and the Government signed an agreement with this million dollar freedoms they would be able to give up more street and not increase prices, "said employee statements.

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