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Cocaine was found at the house of Xiomara Naomi, who was killed in a kidnapping


Cocaine was found at the house of Xiomara Naomi, who was killed in a kidnapping

The home of Xiomara Naomí Mendez Morales with her grandmother, a case investigated by Peruvian and Bolivian drug traffickers from his father and his uncle Parque Avellaneda. Inside, the police found cocaine and marijuana.

Their residency at the adolescence was kidnapped on Wednesday and the residence was discovered after Ituzaingó's death, which was part of a series of temporary trials by La Matanza in Buenos Aires and Federal Capital. Thus, it became apparent that the focus of the research is the adjustment of accounts.

During the timely procedure of Xiomara's house, marijuana cigarettes, 10 grams of cocaine and two packages were found. In principle, the quantity confiscated by drugs is believed to be personal consumption.

Two months ago, research began with intelligent work and hidden follow-up, identifying organizations and their homes in the last hours, identifying and selling drugs and selling places.

Xiomara's parents are Peruvians and have been around the cause of traffic, as well as today's couples. Police sources said that "Villa Celina and Villa Las Achiras in Matanzas and Villa 20" operated the group in Lugano.

Xiomara crime

A 15-year-old teenager was kidnapped Tuesday after leaving school in the Buenos Aires neighborhood of Florida. The man knew that he was on the edge, waiting for a corner, so he did not notice that he would send his car to his mother.

One hour later, the Xiomara family received the first extorsive call. The predator required $ 30 thousand and 30 kilos of cocaine to release the girl. They would only charge the money, but they did not release it and, on Wednesday, at 5:00 p.m., police found their body after the accident ended in Ituzaingó.

He took the Xiomara car behind the car. They tied up, he had a belt in the neck and ribbon in the mouthpiece. Asphyxia died and did not rule out that he was a victim of sexual abuse before death. The arrested two witnesses did not declare.


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