Wednesday , July 6 2022

Cold hands You may have 10 of these possible reasons


1. Bad circulation:

Sometimes, the reason is that blood is not as easy as circulating the toes. Fortunately, it is not always a response to serious causes and it can be addressed with changes in lifestyle.

2. Anemia:

Anemia, that is, the low concentration of blood red blood is not a disease, but it is a symptom of other pathologies or processes, such as menstruation. Hands and feet is a symptom of cold anemia.

3. Blocked areas:

Accumulation of arterial fats can lead to the flow of blood to the ends. Be careful because it can cause you to become a cardiovascular disease.

4. Raynaud Syndrome:

The toe is a basal mix that causes color. These spasms reduce blood supply to the ends. These stress and cold symptoms increase.

5. Scleroderma:

This autoimmune disease causes skin and tissues, such as blood. The body creates excessive collagen.

6. Sedentary:

Physical exercise promotes blood flow, sedentary lifestyle can be excessive.

7. Tobacco Dependence:

Tobacco promotes arthritis reduction and blockage, as the blood circulation is scarce and may have colder hands as we have already seen.

8. Diabetes:

When it is not treated, diabetes causes circulation and covers the blood properly.

9. Female sex:

Studies conducted in the United States in 1998 show that the average temperature of women's hands is two months lower than that of men because of their hormonal causes.

10. Pregnancy:

Basal temperature increases during the first stages of pregnancy, which is why women will notice that the extremes are colder.

source: 20 minutes


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