Monday , June 5 2023

Commented on the mobile Chaqueño Palavecino


The singer wanted to be fun, but it caused an uncomfortable situation, and the host of the program complained about being macho and disagreeable.

du Chaqueño Palavecino When he asked for a chronicle of the launch time at the 10 channel of Cordoba in Cantabria Ivana Freitaj On the Music Square mobile.

At the start of the interview, the singer looked at the back door of the library and looked at it. He said he was watching a tattoo. "I have not already traveled any bed I have not …", he filmed Palavecino. "No … please … do not say that," said Ivan, laughing, the singer was taking away visual problems.

However, the host of the Guadalupe Zamar program talked about the clamorous narrative of Palavecino in Confrontados (The Nine) and acknowledged that he had been with him the same position that he had been doing for years. "I know Chaqueño, and I know that his humor is unpleasant. When I was 20 years old, I made a note, and said that it was the first thing that" I liked having little girls to ride, "he also revealed in his social networks. One, where he said he did not put music in his place.

"I believe that I am thinking of communication, that I should think about public reflection and self-criticism … whoever reminded us of this artist, we know that his excluded sex and his brand tend to be unhappy. Unfortunately, being accustomed to moving to that environment and becoming a friend of the figure. He does not put it in his place, "he freed Zamar.

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"I often complained about machoism, they shouted before the persecution, and often I joined Ni Un Menos to finish these misogynist practices, but all this on Tuesday, I was witness to the verbal and public situation of bullying, and honestly stopped the situation I felt the sheaf ", He admitted that he did not know to defend his partner, who was following the professional's notice.

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"He was discourteous and he published his machismo again and we did not stop at anything (…) I am deeply exalted by believing that superiority can make a person commentary, offensive and sexist on another person, especially the other person who is working. It's a non-public request I apologized and I have not barely abandoned it in a terrifying attitude, "Guadalupe said.


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