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Concerning the daughter of Andrea del Boca, his relationship with his father: "I was not to see any more 9 years"

Over the course of many years, he kept his profile low on the note without explosive Caras magazine only. Andrea del Boca daughter, Anna Chiara Biasotti, He was 18 years old and, finally, a senior person talked about the story of his life. Father, Ricardo Biasotti, who was forbidden by the foreness of the "father-in-law" and who he did not want to see. nine years old

Under the title "Retirement, wickedness and pain reconstruction", the daughter of this actor has emphasized that "he admits that he has suffered persecution (in school) and trying to face judges and psychologists. "Today he feels free and admits healing his wounds through the love of his mother's family."

"I was tired of living in the vicinity of psychologists and judges. I can not say how many times I had to talk with psychologists. I was very young and I thought I had to go a couple of times that I did not have a good time, "said young women.

"There are different types of abuse, physical, verbal, sex and psychology. I did not respect when I was with herI did not feel at home, I did not love, "said the man who gave life.

"I remember when I wrote a letter, the judges told me that it had a great look at a family dinner… I did not understand why. Then he looked at me and said: "You smell like a butt, I do not want you next to me". I was crushed home. When he was nine years old, I did not want to see any more, "he recalled.

"There was always something wrong. If she had a long hair like a maid, she was wearing a pair of shoes, she was a poor man and the poor man and a servant were both annoying, "he said.

"Once my dad heard me, my mother washed me clean, so I could not have a connection with her. My mother can tighten the connection with her parents, but it was not my case. Think of it in this way, and in my case, everything that I personally have had to minimize should be minimized"he remembered.

"I do not remember telling what I ever loved, and he was less. And I'm going to tell you I'm very fond of it, my mother loves me 40 times a day. There was no privacy, no love, he did not love, "he emphasized.

"He never wanted to communicate with me. I do not hate anything, but that feeling is really hypocrisy. And when I heard them in the media, it was hypocritical. I like the idea of ​​justice, cleaning, "he said.

"During those years I felt I was in a small box, screaming and nobody listening to me, "concluded the young woman. During his conversation Héctor Maugeri, the magazine's deputy editor.

"Anna del Boca was always there for everyone. The last name (reference Biasotti) to be my ID is not the happiest of my life", Anna concluded, because she represented her father's image as a grandfather's image, Nicolás del Boca and Ana María, Ede and wings, respectively, they liked to call them.

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