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Conflict chronicle: eight hours of monuments, without postponing and without finishing


At nine in the afternoon, boys, boys, who expanded the River, Boca and Conmebol giants. They put track of athletics. They waited for their intervention and waited for them. There was no seating in an armchair. Foot enthusiasts maintained their location in the corridors and access roads. The game started three hours before.

There was a combination of feelings: illusion, hope, anxiety, nerves. River – Boca Libertadores ended at the end of the end of the final few hours. I woke up the stadium the first song 2:26. They sang "to win the champion today". At 2:52 p.m., the fans of the playing field were opened. The enthusiasts of the cellar were certain: they played the game that they had to watch at five o'clock in the afternoon. Certificate of irrigated water in the meadow. They were the last winds of normality.

because it is There is not much distance between the stadium and the outside world. The internal ones were not defenseless, they could not contact reality. It is ruled out more than one crowded stadium. It's an old portal, the old customs: the connection is incorrect, there is no cell signal that exceeds the collapse. People had to start prehistoric communication: talking to each other. The phones only played, took pictures or movies, biographical documents, never decompressed the deconcentration. In the context of disconnection and weather information, text messages recovered their historical weight: they were the only means of communication. But they were not effective.

At 3 in the afternoon, the first signs came from outside. The floodplains came into the face: hundreds of fans gathered and scattered around the crowd. They looked adrenaline and gladly. A few days ago they solved something they dreamed about: enter the most important game in South American football history. Certainly, some fans were not afraid or did not take care of any paper gas.

They were symptoms Things went out. The coat was shackled in the interior of the boys, without part of the protocol, wrapped in huge cloths. The stadium's voice came at 15:15 for the first time, when the Uruguayan judge crossed the Andres Cunha field and approached the VAR screen. "It charges a penalty with this guy VAR and I die", said a fuss, knowing that Boca micro was already involved with the monument, with a broken broken glass.

The visitors' team allegedly attacked the face. Immediately an image of "old radio" was created, from now on, to ask about the doubts of thousands of fans who clarify their doubts, who do not ask what they know about something else. They were easily known: differentiated headphones and self-absorption. It became the youth of information. "It seems that the area seems to have been released, some fans dropped stones at the players of Boca, the police broke into sprays and the gas was inserted into the micro": enough, bored and uninformed information to boost conspiracy theories, nonsense and fans.

16:20, the old ones on the radio, who rescued the thread, extended their neck to work on the separation of televisions in the middle seats. He knew the court and answered without euphemism: "You are beautiful, Boca, you are mad." The experience or the illusion climate was not perceived in the environment. The fans suffered feelings of confusion, abandonment and disadvantage. "If he had played at five in the afternoon, Armania would have to heat up"He warned the clearest.

Birth announcements were from informative sources coming from boxes. "Six, play at six," he began to proclaim. All data has been expanded on all forms. Central and lower stations, usually the oldest and most in radios graphic On TV screens, they stood out in height: they modulated the "six hours" and extended six-handed fingertips to strengthen the message. At five in the afternoon, official communication: the stadium's voice was delayed for 18 hours. The fans celebrated. Experience, hope and emotions brought from their homes. They asked the footballer questions: "Does Nacho Fernandez play the end?" Few knew anything.

The people who sat were stopped and stretched out. Those who were unemployed still did not stop: they could not make any waste, in the area of ​​public abuses, the luxury of luxury. There were some extra curiosities of football: they were baptized by the grenades of the courts. At the same time, hidden children responded according to their age: bored people began to sack with water in football. In the ring, the main things that were set up in the stadium were resolved, while the songwriters who stumbled on the beach scattered throughout the theater were also expecting children to be hand-held by players basking in a baseball player. Police, enthusiasts, journalists, bosses, guards, random people and people who were not there.

In a monastery, the unknown truth said: The game was not played in the afternoon. "There is no evidence that Matías Martín does not say it," he warned the relocation of the cabin crew. The "old people in the radio" position was maintained: one of them, even the owners of the truth, would be suspended. They were missing fifteen meters, and they read the lips of Gaston Recondo and Leo Farinella. "Is it considered?" One journalist asked another. The answer is not the voice, but it strikes hard and bends down.

The stadium's voice was confirmed at 5:45 p.m. He announced a second reprogramming: now, River – Boca, at 7:15 a.m., would be played an hour and a half later. There was no joy, but there were discomforts and distrust. "We made a good first goal, we missed the goal", the best spirit he made ironically. Skepticism was not diminished, although Boca Prop was putting a cone on grass, or fifteen minutes before the start of the game, fans broke out and the dogs swollen. The Monumental dressed up an eternal house. It has been seven hours since they opened the stadium doors.

At 7:15 a.m., there was no appreciation or abuse. At 19:20, when you should hypothetically stretch it, in the second or the first five minutes, it was punished for the suspension of the advertisement of the information. The TV series, Matías Martín and the old radio stations confirmed. When he knew all the monuments, they sang against Conmebol. Some said the pitch of the stadium warned the third delay at 7:30.. But the guests were already leaving and the chairs never started a car at a party.

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