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Conmebol's controversial decision: they ran to a Brazilian who was going to vote to disqualify River


November 28, 2018

Antonio Meca was removed from the Disciplinary Court and had the pressure of Brazilian clubs to favor Boca.

The ruling that will determine the future of the River vs. Mouth in this Copa Libertadores It is taking more and more political repercussions than soccer. A struggle of interests on the part of the Conmebol, el Xeneize and its allies seems to be now the axis of the issue that will have a definition on the desk and that part of the confrontation of the South American Confederation of Soccer and Daniel Angelici.

Now, the club of La Ribera received a reverse from the entity that directs Alejandro Dominguez. The first was the confirmation of the match with the date to be defined between him 8 and 9 of December. The second was the exclusion of Antonio Meccia, a Brazilian who was in favor of disqualification River.

The ruling of the Disciplinary Court will be left in the hands of Paraguay Eduardo Gross Brown, the Chilean Cristobal Valdés and the Venezuelan Amarilis Belisario, the other two members of an organ. The three participated in the decision of Gremio-River and they rejected the request from the Porto Alegre team, to go to the final instead River, in addition to the sanction a Marcelo Gallardo to enter the changing room when he was banned.

Rodolfo D'Onofrio: "Macri wants the game to play in River"

In the middle of this scandal, play politics. It is that in 2016, when the former president of the Conmebol Juan Ángel Napout, imprisoned by the FIFA Gate, Angelici He tried to destabilize Domínguez through the creation of the South American League and counted on the support of the Brazilian clubs, who demanded better payments by the South American Confederation of Soccer and affirmed that the payments they perceived as television were better within the Copa de Brasil.

At that time, he also talked about a pact that, according to Rodolfo D 'Onofrio, Mouth was breaking According to the president of River, neither the Millionaire nor the Xeneize They could have the presidency of the body and therefore the institution of Núñez was the only one who voted against Angelici to direct the new body.

The failure of Disciplinary Court It will be published this Wednesday at 11 in the morning, but it could be delayed by an extension that it did Mouth in his original complaint. However, even though there would be penalties for River, It is expected that they are only economic and that the final will finally be played between the 8th and 9th of December. Doha, Miami, Asunción and Medellín They appear as the alternatives to play it, although neither of the two clubs is willing to leave the country.

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