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Container will seek a sale of 260 thousand cars – 19/12/2013


Depreciation fell as a thunder in the new car sales business: shot prices 80% and, since then, sales have not stopped. For this reason, today the sector accumulates a warehouse 260 thousand units: at the highest level of the last century. From the Automotive Tradeen Association (ACARA), they have shown that 2018 was the most profitable in the last 10 years.

The sales of registered cars in the first half of the significant growths began in July and the forecasts for 2018 reduced by less than 800,000 units. In the first eleven months of 2018, 774,571 units, that is, a 9.2% fall compared to the same period of 2017.

"It is clear that, this year, we had a negative profitability and closed the mouths and dealers, we can not index inventories and stocks normalize, it will be difficult to get out of this situation," explains the new CEO of ACARA, Carlos Movio.

Ricardo Salomé, the treasurer of the entity, said that "they are closing down or closing 20 dealerships in the last months". A month before, without going elsewhere, Ford forfeited the six sellers' authorization. Since the demon has sold a little and nothing, they are restructured again and today 15,000 people still remain in the labor market. I have not ruled out, the idea is never the destruction of people that has trained and prepared us for years, "he said.

Another problem that promotes the suspect dealer is. They have cars "bonuses very high". "In this sense, it's the best time to buy zero kilometers," Ironera at ACARA. "Discount scams (discounts) cost a lot, because people value a price," explained Movio. However, the balance accumulated in the second half of the financial year will be settled in February 2019 and the executive will be calculated.

"In January, we will have a clearer vision of the market presentation," said 12 percent of the year's sales in the month, which shows the director of the organization.

Rubén Beato, according to the Secretary General of the ACARA, "will have an internal market in 2019 There were 600,000 units, which is 25% down on the 800,000 units that will be patented this year"Among other expectations, ACARA estimated total sales of around 160 thousand through savings plans.

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