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Contrast: despite a severe crisis, Victorias Secret announces the arrival in the country

It has been a strong brand that has been in the United States and the United States for decades in the United States. According to David, according to David's team that will bring it closer to yesterday after mid-June or next to 2020, Uruguay and Paraguay will open its doors.

This time, Victoria's Secret "Angels" will open the wings in the countries with economic conditions, but they will definitely opt for the same sales sales. The brand has always been very popular in Argentina, taking advantage of foreign trips to bring some memories.

The opening of the first premises will include the concept beauty and accessories, including cream, cosmetics and makeup. In each case, if sales flows do not exclude the section of fashion, (lingerie, pajamas, body, shirts, etc.).

Although the locations are not located, the shopping center is considered the first option. According to David Group, it is intended to be about 12 countries.

Until now, the only places to sell Argentine products are Ezeiza Airport and Aeroparque, which are seen before pre-boarding to buy the product to be bought.

According to the prices shown on the brand's website in the United States, the bodies have $ 1,000 to $ 1,500, $ 1,600, $ 1,400 and $ 2,500, $ 2,000, $ 680 Waves, $ 500 Shower Gels. Victoria's Secret is a world wide, so if you're looking for clothes, clothes and cosmetics, you can find unique and unique products and scents.

With this novelty, we can say that the premiums are for bets in Argentina. Many luxury companies have been left in recent years, while others have also decided to return to Buenos Aires. Louis Vouitton, however, after a number of years in the country, returned to Patio Bullrich in 2018. The same thing happened with Pandora, a leader in the jewelery segment, at various retail stores. This shows, despite the crisis, some of the consuming consumptions still consuming.

However, it is not everything to see if the rose and openings are determined, in accordance with the background set by the sector. There are some brands with landing ads that are frustrated in the country. Such is the case of Forever 21 or H & M. He was speculated on several times with the arrival of these renowned clothing companies, especially in Uruguay and Chile. However, they did not arrive until now.

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