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Controversial against Nicole Neumann in Tafi del Valle: the reaction of the model – 01/07/2019


During the weekend, Nicole Neumann (38) Tiring in the municipality of Tafí del Valle to open the summer season But when he came to visit, there was a controversy: the media tucumanos reported, through Facebook, an anti-discrimination action against the model, who passed it, I would treat it as desperately as I would do to this city.

"A few minutes ago in Tafí Del Valle, Nicole Neumann called her bodyguard and said: "Oh … it's got me full of black." Neumann hired a large amount of money to participate in the tourist season of Tafí del Valle, "said Radio Continental Tucuman, through his official Facebook account.

And he concluded: "He not only arrived at the press conference but afterwards The holiday makers in Tucuman made a more rational and deep-rooted measure".

Similarly, Ceferino Decima, the actor and journalist, with his Facebook account, added: "The press-bred staffing of excellent models was bite (Nicole was supposed to hear discrimination)."

Nicole Tafí del Valle. (Instagram)

Nicole Tafí del Valle. (Instagram)

After making this serious public request, Neumann received deep access through social networks He made a comment.

However, a few hours later, on Facebook, the official account of the municipality of Tafi del Valle was denied news and publicly defended his contract.

"We want to express our rejection fake news This virus went through social networks, where Mrs. Nicole Neumann did not participate in the press conference, and yesterday afternoon the treatment of disabled journalists was "established".

He continues: "The model was presented within the established deadline and provided a warning to all media." In spite of this treatment, Mrs. Nicole Neumann gave her several interviews. fake news and post-truth, We deny this version and leave the images of the press conference; and we recommend that this manipulation of information be revoked for strangers. "

Instantly, the model sends the answer to the Town Hall registration via Twitter. And punishment: "The arrow has short legs". He also told the media that he was supposed to fake news, but especially the Decima journalist, treated as "bad people".

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