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Copa Argentina: the end of the illusion of the river | River Plate

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Germán Balcarce

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Argentina scored 16 wins on the last night. The Millionaires could not take advantage of their gymnastics and Esgrima La Plata Phases preloaded before the mouth. He won twice and he even had one more player in just a few minutes, never end up exploiting the parties that were worthless and eventually eliminated.

Marcelo Gallardo received a delicate pass through the home side's central defense after 4 minutes, and chipped it past the keeper to score the 0 – 2 goal. The crowded box office ideas gave the volume of the game, in different lack of speed and in a clear domain. However, the score was inaugurated thanks to a shot by Gonzalo Martínez. The number 10 of the river caused a constant risk of its imbalance. Wolf missed, less, than double yellow Ezequiel Bonifacio, twice. At that moment, in the initial phase, 39 minutes passed, the match was 1-1, and Lorenzo Faravelli was equally impressed by the French fishermen.

River came back, Ignacio Fernandez thanked Lucas Prattor for brilliantly and made it 2-1 in the second half. But the necessary mixing between Javier Pinola and Maximiliano Coronel were created from Greatest. Santiago Silva, a millionaire nightmare, won Jonathan Maidana in the corner of 2-2.

A stagnant ball caused problems again. Although Muñeco added strikers, to finish with the three attackers, he did not take enough advantage in the last few minutes to take advantage of the advantage. That's why he was sentenced, where he did not have a goal like Gymnastics. Pratitur executed his execution and Maidana got up. Thus Millionaire left the third consecutive edition without any chance or chance to win the title. Now, think again about the liberators.

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