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COPD performs SSM preventive actions


15% and 20% of caregivers are able to develop this disease (Photo: offer)

Morelia, Michoacán (Bulletin) .- Ministry of Health of Michoacán (SSM) was invited to the population for prevention Chronic pulmonary disease (COPD), one of the most common conditions, with a high death rate and high health care.

The Agency has reported that this condition is complemented chronic bronchitis and emphysema pulmonary; It's more frequent the elderly 45 years old and the obstruction and destruction of bronchial bronchial paralysis (in cases of emphysema).

It is a disease with air flow limitations, which is not fully reversible. The main risk factor for contracting COPD is also burning, as well as exposure to wood dust, gases, fumes and chemical products.

Among the most common symptoms, coughs, expectorations and lack of air allow patients to climb a ladder or bathe or dress up, breathe and breathe.

After the diagnosis of the illness, people who suffer from cigarettes should keep them away and do not suffer from the smoke of wood. In addition, patients must follow the proposed doctor's therapy, including medication and oxygen therapy, that is, using an oxygen mask over 15 hours per day to breathe.

Remember that COPD is a disease, in many cases "unknown", especially for tobacco consumption, so it is essential that smokers over 35 years of age have symptoms to exclude the doctor from reaching your physician. it can handle that

Specialists, mentioned 15 to 20% smokers can afford it The percentage of patients with COPD in developing this disease is shown to be active smokers or in the past.

The World Health Organization (WHO) prediction COPD will become the fourth cause of death worldwide until 2030.

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