Wednesday , September 28 2022

Correct report by Elisa Carrió against the Judiciary: "Causes are closing or investigating"


A work horse Elisa Carrió and the members of the Civic Coalition are the accusations of corruption in the case of Justice. In this sense, the allies of the government focuses on the operation of the Judicial Power in these respects. Now, it presents the aspects that the legislators present He published a summary of the state of cases of organized crime and corruption, and also questioned the issues of Justice and other shortcomings.

"Justice closes the grounds without any investigation, without delay, the lack of freedom or lack of courage in the pursuit of research, and in some cases, personal or profits to exchange profits"It can be read in one of the first paragraphs of the light, as it is called "lighting and shadows of clarity lighting".

The document presented by the CC emphasizes that "the reasons are not usually against civil servants entering the power of day, or they have such coverage, and usually they take public status and judges usually have a very good look at public opinion or end of a government he is approaching. This has turned to Argentina outside the law ".

By the way, Carlos Menem's last acquittal repeated the weapons in the case of alleged smugglers: "Scandalous events occur, such as the former president Menem, acquitted by the House of Catalonia, after more than twenty years of open-ended investigation smuggling kiss So, of course, the members of the Civic-Ari coalition have called for the judges Catucci, Riggi and Mahiques, as well as prosecutors and prosecutors throughout the country. ".

This letter also recalls the cause of "General Rodriguez's Triple Crime", which explains: "The cause of ephedrine, the financing of election campaigns through drug trafficking (…) is confused by the organized crime organized crime / political power / impunity given to justice." In this context, the document subscribed by Elisa Carrió does not refer specifically to the former officer: "This explains Aníbal Fernández is one of the most amazing people in the country. "

The report is a broad table summarizing the situation 110 criminals presented by CC. The document warns, all of them, "fourteen were immediately presented and eight were closed without investigation, Five years later, for alleged crime. Active elements have been maintained but have no real jurisdictional activities. There are many reasons that the judges who have resolved after four or five years. On the contrary, There must be only four of the reasons for the judgment, regardless of any firm phrase. "

The text continues to point out the time of justice: "The reasons that follow the instruction phase are 82, between 2006 and 2008, The accusations of emptying YPF and the malicious cause caused by hairless associations. "

In the end, based on the description described, "Picture of the operation of Federal Justice is very exciting". In any case, a recommendation emphasizes that "the results seen in recent years are opposed". In fact, an important event can not be ignored: in 2016/2018, deputy Elisa Carrió and Civic Coalition arrests, courts, Roberto Baratta, Ricardo Jaime, Claudio Uberti, Rudi Ulloa Igor, Cristóbal López, Lázaro Baez, Carlos Wagner, others other

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