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Cosquin 2019: Abel Pintos and the fourth epic show on the moon

On stage on a great movie, Abel Pintos Cosquín became one of the first predictions of 2019. Atahualpa Yupanqui began to grow up in a moment when he started breathing fresh air. two after morning.

When the snow began to fall into the holes when the snow fell, the scene was suddenly strong when it was added to the lightning, it created an exciting momentum of the spectacle before completing the square for the first time. (And only?) So far at the festival.

First chords How i missed It was a whole cry, though the shouts mutated a choir that helped the whole concert. After the initial euphoria of the first songs, Pintos stepped into the floor to sit down again.

"We have prepared a long repertoire, so enjoy it," said the roots of renowned folkloric make blocks for a complete contemplation of guests. He had a hook and a very fine version of Zambas Blue flower The keyboard and voice, his "family", was called to his audience, from beginning to end.

along with Pending questions and AlcatrazAbel was amazed by the rain, which was already quite intense. The public did not move from the car seat or seat. Most of the time, most of the riders took out shouts, the rest was over but smiling at the ear.

After the premiere Hundred years old (The progress of the album will come) and another hits break, the show was completed within four hours, under a real flood, creating a memorable postcard with audience and idol dance as soon as the end of the world is over. Unforgetable

Excited at the beginning
"You know, when you saw Abel, that's why I thank you more," Leandro Lovato stunned his tears, giving thanks and applause. The Santafesino opened the fourth moon, which was expected to be great, especially at the box office. Did he even think that people always reject an effective proposal?

Then he dedicated it Violin Kitten Néstor Garnica, another great virtuoso of the instrument, who shows a good gesture between colleagues, is not a great festival. "I will not forget tonight, the bees are confident, long lasting folk!" The dangers fans repeatedly started to say goodbye to the dog. Of course, after such a flame was bis and ovation.

And the female fee?
Patricia Gómez came up with subtle sounds and paintings with Reconquista and she came in with a magnificent classic Back step. It has to be acknowledged that there was only one woman in the day network (except for Pre Cosquín and the Provincial Post-production winners), on Wednesday, there was no proposal for women.

As regards "Postage", two proposals have been presented today. First of all, Tierra del Fuego and ARA San Juan unfortunately disappeared at the beginning of the tribute, they lowered them from the square. The closure was recognized by teachers from Antarctica who teach teachers at the Marambio Base.

The others were Santiago del Estero, maybe the best ones to show here. Indio Froilán's magic playback, a luthier who lives in legend, proved that he had completed all his skills in less than five minutes, Orellana Lucca (guest star) and Peteco Carabajal. Finally, it was a "battery march", consisting of more than 400 percussion from the bottom of the square, and everyone who linked it to the TV mantra sound.

Nahuel's sensitivity
Nahuel Pennisi took one of the best evening receptions to return with the same gesture in his youth. Brothers Yupanqui at the beginning. Harri Chacarera The first palms of a square were amazed again with a special way of playing guitar. This time, he noticed that he was feeding a lot more people and a constant journey, as if opinion render even more.

"Listening to the Cosquín radio as a boy, the love of folklore was born," said Florencio Varela, a singer-singer looking for a hypnotic zambas (Stone and road / Balderrama / Muffins shakes) He sings the squares at one of the moments that are most frequented at the festival.

He closed the very successful performance I have come to offer my heart and Iceberg-a, After winning Rosarina. He has consulted the selection of Fito Paézen's story, which has repeatedly repeated in the first four horizons, and persuaded him: "It's a song that says good things right now". Very clear

In the category of Pre Cosquín winners, the traditional dance pair (Jaqueline Saucedo and Germán Moreno and Entre Ríos) and Conjunto de malambo (San Juan footprint), and Cosimoínos Ceibo, Maité's debut, guest facundo Toro and villagers from Fabricio Rodríguez.

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