Tuesday , June 15 2021

Creating child growth is essential in order to prevent eating disorders in the future

Monitoring in childhood and adolescence and children Nutrition and proper nutrition It is essential to avoid eating disorders obesity and anorexia, says Endocrinologists at the Pediatrics Hospital Mexican Social Security Institute (IMSS), Ana Laura López.

"It is an idea to get food from all groups, such as meat, legumes, legumes and foods with large iron content. Avoid complications like anemia"Good nutrition is essential to ensure physical development and hormonal functions in children and adolescence.

Indeed, the specialist said fast weight in childhood It can cause premature teasing due to hormonal fluid.

"The brain perceives the critical mass that it sends hormone to the gland pituitary gland When they begin to grow in the uterus and the ovary, it implies the first menstruation that is not older than 11 years, "he said.

He also said that anorexia or anemia, unfortunately, could affect women every time At small ages and even for girls, as a result, Amenorrhea, due to lack of menstruation, due to low hormonal productivity.

However, he added Overweight and obesity They continue to be an important epidemic, far more than the weight of the pediatric population.

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