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Creepy: a monstrous asteroid approaching the Earth

A monstrous asteroid of 213 meters of dimetro will be able to hit the Earth throughout the next century causing a devastating explosion, as emerged from a warning recently issued by NASA, Express reports.

This space rock, moving at 15.13 kilometers per second and having a length equivalent to two London Big Ben, is known as 2018 LF16 and was first observed on June 16, 2017 by the Sentry System of the Laboratory Propulsion to Reaction (JPL) by NASA, scheduled to track possible asteroid impact risks.

According to the Sentry clusters, the nearest potential impact may occur on August 8, 2023. Other dates will be August 3, 2024 and August 1, 2025. Meanwhile, there are a total of 62 2018 LF16 paths predicted, When the rock can hit the Earth until the year 2117.

The shocking thing about the matter is that if an asteroid of this size crash against us, it will do it with a power of 50 megatons, equivalent to the explosion of the soviet hydrogen bomb known as Bomba Zar, the most powerful nuclear weapon jams created, indicates the middle

However, it should be underlined that, fortunately, the chances of collisin of 2018 LF16 with our planet are almost nonexistent. In fact, the exact percentage of this probability is estimated at 0.0000033%, that is, of between 30,000,000, according to NASA experts cited in the middle.

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