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Cristina accused of political operation | chronicle

according to Luis Mendoza

Sad and insolent, former president Cristina Fernández de Kirchner In the Senate, the Government and the justice sectors denounced the political operation "leave it"This year's election competition"Opposition seriously"Labeling other spaces"painted cardboard"Also, the Supreme Court had to intervene in the open court Marcelo D'Alessio Due to extortion, the United States Embassy has taken part.

As a campaign, Cristina said that they were against these cases, including "notebooks" of corruption,A model of robbery and misery among Argentinian people"In the election of the High Court of this period, Kirchner appealed to the national government in court, when he had participated in the cases proved by the federal court of Dolores, Alejo Ramos Padilla. On the basis of the privileged question against the execution by the National Senator, according to the ruling of the magistrate, "You can infer your foreign embassy performance on this subject"And that, according to the Constitution, in these cases the highest court of the country must intervene.

The Senate reaffirmed all of its rulers and dissolved the vice president that occupied Marin.

"The National Senator, who has been elected twice by the former President of the Republic, does not guarantee that any ordinary citizen of the country"He complained about the proceedings that the judge has followed Claudio Bonadio and the procedures prescribed, for example, the search of the home.

The former Presidents "We are facing a very bad system of constitution and institutional unrest"And add:"I've seen and heard what I saw and heard what I've heard in national lawmakers in the national lawmaker."Open in cases like Alessio.

During his speech at the front of the Victoria-PJ block fronted by the Frontier Front, Cristina expressed support for the extortion and illegal association with D & # 39; Alessio with Cambiemos national, journalist and media and prosecutors legislators Carlos Stornelli, among others. Federal Federal Alternative Justicialist, "painted cardboard"And he claimed his space"real opposition"President's government Mauricio Macri.

"This bank is not responsible for collecting or heating a salary, but saying that it is taking place in the Republic of Argentina", CFK shot. Other senators Kirchner and the boss of the block, Marcelo Fuentes, nearly an hour, with criticism and government criticism and the Justice sector, following different reasons against civil servants.

He was the only official to take the floor, in which case he thanked the Senate presidential candidate, Federico Pinedo, for his reflections. "In light of the extreme excuses about Kirchnerism, we respect the Senate respect, agreement and construction."He emphasized.


After blocking the privacy question, the vice president ordered the election of the authorities together with Pinedo and the vice president of the vice presidents. Omar Perotti (PJ), Inés Pilatti Vergara (Victoria-PJ front). According to the proposal of the President of Interbloque Aldea, Luis Naidenoff, The position of the first vice-president of the Senate, was given as radical Juan Carlos Marino, which has been prosecuted for allegedly suspected of sexual abuse of forensic workers Claudia Guebel.

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