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Cristina and her children, the money-packed hotel money trial – 28/02/2008

Federal Judges Julián Ercolini presented the trial of Hotesur SACristina Kirchner, Máximo and Florence, and Lázaro Báez, have been accused by the employer. Court over 80 million pesetas.

The second case is the case against the president posed in the instruction, in which the family business has been denouncing the use of money laundering maneuvers.

Gerardo Pollicita and Ignacio Lamas, the first hypothesis investigated by the public prosecutor and their children, received the money from Lazaro Báez "Through business through a certain look of legitimacy"This assured that they could declare those Funds before the Bertso's Office, and before the Treasury" hiding its origin ", presumably unlawful. In addition to Kirchner's family and businesswoman, Romina Mercado (Alicia Kirchner's daughter) and Osvaldo Sanfelice, among others they will do it

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In addition to being a personal friend at Kirchners, Báez was a close recruitment contract for public works in Santa Cruz. As a result, the prices and conditions were being auctioned in a new case. In May, oral hearings will be judged.

Hotesur SA is the hotel of Alto Calafate, among other establishments. Last year, Ercolin's former president and other courts were prosecuted Flooded money to act as a whiplash illegal activity. He has also accused each of 800 million pesetas. The researchers believed that at least 80 million pesetas were cleared in illegal operations, and therefore demanded the highest fines set by the law: they entered the legal circuit ten times.

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In this way, everything was "an organization" that "benefited and disguised as" the presidents of training and family members and their families were entrepreneurs "loans, ownership purchases, renting of different complexes, owners' ownership, improvement of these establishments and renting property" Mirror maneuver, which was investigated in the other department, Los Sauces SA.

Transfers deemed irregular Cristina Kirchner's daughters included $ 4.6 million in Banco Galiciaconfiscated two years ago.

Ercolin judge recalled that alleged maneuvering had Néstor and Cristina Kirchner to "empty" money to be settled "Justify to buy the hotels of Alto Calafate and Las Dunas. "

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According to Hotesur, according to the magistrate, "the criminal investigation group led to a corroboration of this maneuver that was stolen from a national state through public roads, former presidents and their family nucleus money laundering based on hotel activities the company's "hotel".

The former President and his son, Máximo and Florencia Kirchner, were "part of a process of recycling made through illusory funds and through the work of the Valle Miter de Báez", which was developed between 2008 and 2013. However, Pollicita Fiscal stated that "no is exhausted "in this maneuver investigation, and is associated with other reasons that link Sanfelice and Cristóbal López.

The Kirchner family had more than 15 purchases of land and property between Báez and former Presidents for the acquisition of hotels between 2005 and 2009. This settlement is authorized, together with Máximo Kirchner, to buy the Las Dunas hotel for $ 700,000 and Alto Calafate for $ 4,900,000.

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The next step, Valle Miter, de Báez, was created to manage hotels "to receive money and apply to the hotel business, and consequently to remove illegal gains from the real origin".

This company did not have the economic ability to pay rent of Hotesur, injected with Australian construction money – a public highway contractor. Company managed by Kirchners Hotel Between 2007 and 2015, the income of the construction company was registered in income of almost 71 million euros.

All. Between July 2013 and 2013, Báez secured Kirchner 27,592,110 pesos for Hotesur SA leases. The figure is important, but the proportion maintained in the total income of the family business. 54% of the income of Alto Calafate was the Australian group.


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