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Cristina is no longer in danger; Macri is in danger – 20/12/2013


In the middle of 2016, María Eugenia Vidal met with Carlos Rosenkrantz. The Argentinian politics would rise and the Supreme Court was proposed. "Do you know that I want to know that Conurbano has demanded a lawsuit for the recovery of the historic recovery fund for the people of Buenos Aires," said the Governor and was ready to know that the project should take a few years to reach the Supreme Court. but Another curious curiosity was his curiosity. He was surprised by the request of the laws.

The future President of the Court sent greetings to the Lehendakari. He just just suggested his name. Vidal learned that Mauricio Macrik did not communicate with the lawyer before that. Rosenkrantz did not speak of his appointment. Nothing There is no phone call, no email or whatsapp messages.

The silence chosen by the House of Rosada and the Court of Ministers will be extended in the future It helps to understand a bit of political sadness The government suffered on Tuesday at the Court. For civil servants who never heard Bob Dylan, the answer was always broken.

Anecdotes reflects how Macri understands the policy. The President does not believe too much in a precise follow-up In matters defined in your luck management. He lost his vote in court for a while. And the Congress could not vote against barrabravas laws and change the way of financing the policy. He acted in the letter included in the treatment of extraordinary treatments. But there was no case. Cambiemos's parliament had to listen to how Felipe Solá took them and told them The law "must be militarized". Kirchnerism describes the action that politically acts on any subject that is interested in neologism.

Of course, that's not all. After the return to the court, when the government wanted to design a plea, on Wednesday, it had a negative impact, as it announced a settlement agreement for the majority of Argentinean profits. The result is a small change The new magistrates will only pay a small fee Due to the difference between what you charged a year ago and what is currently charging. The novelty was not harsher than the judiciary, but above all It breaks a large part of society, a tax that is approaching half of his salary, due to a great Macrismo campaign.

Politics is not the only one that slipping the government. Something similar happens with the economy. If that is something that ministers say is a problem, that's it Sustainable rise in the country's risk, with 781 dead ends on Wednesday and not stopped for a week. It is the result of the fall of foreign Argentine bonds and, as a result, the Lehendakari brakes for projects of private financing for public works known as PPP. With the economic downturn, low consumption, high inflation and one-third of the population of poverty poverty, Infrastructure progress is the most important electoral argument with macrism But ministries of public works such as Guillermo Dietrich are pushing pressure against Nicolás Dujovne's emerging powers.

"Our problem is not Cristina's risk, but Macri's risk"He cuts a person who knows him better. The business and financial sectors explain the uncertainties and mistrust that President Cristina Kirchner's position in the direction of the presidential election and election. Although the Peronism and Sergio Massa, Miguel Pichetto, Juan Manuel Urtubey and the rest of the governments are not enrolled in the federal variation, they will still be utopian elections before the opposition. together

That is one of Peronism that threatens the election To kill some of the leaders of Cambiemos Macri does not want to hear. Emilio Monzó and Rogelio Frigerio have already said. Vidal, Horacio Rodríguez Larreta and Nicolás Caputo, also friends of the soul, were asked on September 8, the Lehendakari He threatened profound changes in his cabin with some unchanged changes. He has made a personal understanding of politics, but they would be Carlos Melconian or Alfonso Prat-Gay, whose ministers demanded Macrik. But the call, always through Marcos Peña, did not persuade the government to abandon itself as the main employee.

It seems difficult for the president to pursue his election to reduce the economic activity and 2019 consumption figures. At noon, the car of the automotive industry would sell cars less than 700 thousand units by 2016 to 900 thousand during the following year, 800 thousand this year. However, the closest ministers of Peña, Macri, are still confident that one of the main criticisms to make changes, and even as a private one. When Macri criticizes Cristina and / or herself, she mentions the hypothesis that she can win in the first round. Dangerous and, albeit fantastic, of course. But officials seem to say it without blushing.

The G-20 Four Glamor newspaper of the summit voted for the recovery of the banner of electoral hope. They're still friends of Donald Trumpen, Emmanuel Macron and Angela Merkel, when they cried at Colón Theater's balcony. And they will dare to exhume Macro's management reaffirms the argument that enhances the second mandates. Boca Juniors remembers the successes of the last years of football and in the last four years with the simple public city council. And they're moving again.

But things are a lot more difficult. The economic reductions are very large and that is It's meat in Argentina has undergone presidential orders by all political parties. Macrik Macri needs to overcome the risk first The president was not the Peronist to end his entire term. And if it was not reached this port, it will still be able to test a second chance adventure.

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