Wednesday , October 20 2021

Cristina Kirchner appeared on a militant video – 12/16/2014


Cristina Kirchner appeared with promising militancy, and all the national media talk about the 2019 final polarization situation after 8 months of PASO.

The Senator recorded a video at the Patria Institute "National and popular meeting" It was held in Villaguay on Saturday.

"In Argentina, we deserve better, I deserve a better country. And of all of them, I am sure that we are rebuilding, "says former chairmen in a short message.

A brief message from the former President, among others, was the former Governor of Entre Ríos, Sergio Urribarri, Alberto Fernandez and José Luis Giojar.

"With the strength of the national and local camp militancy We return to a town in Argentina"Urribarri tweeted.

Unity Citizen Senator reinforced the idea that he expressed at the CLACSO ceremony where he called the unity of all opposition.

"It wants the Citizen Unit incorporation into the vocation of all social sectors: employers, workers, traders, intellectuals, teachers, professionals, youth, adults and adults, "he said.

Cristina Kirchner has not yet confirmed that the next candidate will be the next year, but it seems that all the signals in this case are confirmed by his own style at the time.

Surveys and analysts predict the polarization between Cristina and Mauricio Macri.

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