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Crossfitera is a bikini challenge for a twin video –


Janna Breslin made a strange illness over two years and changed her life. Improvement of other people became an example

American Crossfit Janna Breslin He captivates thousands of his followers with the publications he has with his Instagram account. This time He shared three videos where he shot himself in the snow playing with a bikini.

Nowadays, the pattern is the best body level after overcoming a serious illness that fought for more than two years. The birth of California was happy and encouraging to continue in the world of sports.

"I took advantage of this cool snow! Who is a cold therapy fan?" Breslin asked about his 670 thousand Instagram followers. 27-year-old athlete videos opened a coat of arms and a couple of earmuffs to get rid of them and throw them in the snow.

"Kryotherapy, cold showers, ice baths … All these methods have been beneficial for improving your health." NASM (personal training academy) defined a personal certificate and completed a list of benefits: "It reduces pain and swelling, accelerates tissue healing It has the muscle disintegrating, burning tons of calories, "among others.

Janna Breslin enjoys her body and her reputation in the face of a strange and serious illnessHe has been fighting for more than two years. Previously published in previous videos, Kalbarioa explained:

"Until 2015: In a matter of a dozen years without a knowledge-free infection, I told Naturopath (…) to investigate the toxicity of mercury and heavy metals, 39 food allergies, affected intestines, hormonal imbalances, methylation problems (toxins removal no) and active cancer cells (…) I had several health problems to finally lose weight. Basically my body disappeared, "he recalled.

Breslin worked to address this illness and improve his health: "Health problems are motivated today and my passion and research have been stimulated to optimize health. I spent two years normalizing everything, but I see one of the best things that happened to me. Nowadays, I have 140 kilos, 100% healthy and now I have more knowledge to help others, "the woman became an example of self improvement.

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