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Cryptoconferences sank in 2018, will they float in 2019?

du cryptocurrency They appeared in the meteorization in 2017. But as financial experts warned it had made a bubble in 2018.

a financial bubble The price of an asset is an abnormal rise. This happened precisely Bitcoin, digital currency paradigm. In December 2017, he achieved a high historic figure of $ 19,783. Now, one year after, and after ten years, it is marketed around 3,500 dollars.

Electronic currency fell by 80% throughout 2018. The contrast must be noted that all the cryptoconferences are being crippled: the global market of the virtual currency has lost an equivalent value of $ 700 million.

Some analysts avoid the bubble metaphor and, due to the nature of the clauses, they explain the collapse. Without the help of government or bank institutions, they are prisoners volatility and are defined by risk.

"I can safely say that they will have a bad end," said US-renowned investors, Warren Buffet, about this year's Bitcoin in January. And he assured him in a conversation that his investment firm did not believe in cryptoconferences. Later, this currency called the "ritual poison".

A few days ago TN Techno we will tell you Facebook has launched its digital currency to make transfers through WhatsApp. Direct relationship with the volatility of the instrument, Bloomberg He assured that the currency would be tied to a dollar fund. The reason? gambetear du cryptoconferencing instability.

They were not all injured

As in the case of different investment instruments, the winner is the best time to get in and / or withdraw. In this sense, The one that bought Bitcoins in 2011, when it was obtained through the Dollar dollar, made a great investment. In your December 2017 you have not sold your currency visa.

On the other hand, large losers are those who buy in old days of Bitcoin, who believe they will rise in value.

In this sense, the French publication Le Echos said the digital currency "leaves the victims' train, especially millions of people who believe it modern wondrous, but they are too late to buy. "On the other hand, banks and large investors are" a position of expectation in the face of volatility and risks in the sector ".

From the back: why was the cryptoconference created in 2018?

This is impossible to mention computer attack in CoincheckA well-known Japanese exchange platform.

In February, the authorities of that country abolished the abode of that operator It costs more than $ 530 million in cyber crime. At that time Bitcoin's value grew 20% in Japan. And rays got more markets.

In the same month, a mistake in a foreign exchange house It is served in a tray New arguments that reduce cryptoconferencing and security of managed platforms. What happened? A system error has been possible to buy money from zero electronic currencies!

Hacks really make a dent of popularity of those coins. Without a doubt, the sector is downgraded.

We have to mention this course South Korean cryptoconference ban. At the beginning of 2018, the government of that country was one of the most important Bitcoin markets, said it was working on a project to prevent transactions with virtual currency.

"We can not continue to continue this abusive speculative situation," Hong Kong said at the South Korean Office of the Political Coordination Office of the Government Office. Bitcoins dropped hundreds of points around the world. .

Along with South Korea, other countries, China and Japan, were announced in the same direction.

Bitcoin, perhaps the most powerful bitcoin "shovel", was issued by the United States Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC). This year, the agency rejected the exchange fund exchanged (ETF), which would significantly affect the transactions made with this currency. He left Wall Street and the price fell again.

In the rest, Bitcoin was not the only one. Cryptoconferences and platforms, such as Ethereum and Ripple, move this slide from one slide to another.

A single trip trip?

Although it's "unlucky consolation" Many times the evil relieves cryptoconference advocates. According to an E CNBC, most of the active investments accounted for a negative behavior of 2018.

On the other hand, the interest of these decentralized currencies has not failed. To show a single vote: "Bitcoin" is one of Google's most sought-after terms in 2018. Even knowing their misfortunes.

Is Cryptoconference Ended? Or will it be "phoenix pasta"? citing Le Echos: "In other cases (cryptoconservability) has recovered a death certificate, thanks to its ability to adapt, its more advanced technology and its more powerful ecosystem than its rivals."

To rebuke the trust, it is also interesting to note that cryptoconference focussed on discussions and reflections during the G20 during the last days of our country. Modality remains a focus, beyond the critical gaze of many governments.

The 2019 test will be a good test for these alternatives. He announced that the announcer announced on Twitter, arguing that it will be only one Bitcoin currency within a ten year period?

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